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In Lipetsk on parking has burnt down six cars

last week in Lipetsk on private parking place in 15 - m microdistrict for a night has burnt down six cars.

- In the beginning of the third night at me has worked an alarm system charm. I have jumped out on a balcony and have seen that the parking place is captured by fire, - the owner of one of a car Alexander Pavljuchenko has told. - When I have run out on street, the flame was metre height in two. During this moment firemen have approached and quickly all have extinguished. But fire has had time to do misfortunes.

Pavljuchenko Hyundai - Accent has bought for 350 thousand on July, 1st - two days prior to a fire. Just in the morning it was going to go to insure the car which now has turned to a heap of metal stuff... Except Hendaja have burnt down VAZ - 2104, VAZ - 2105, VAZ - 2109, the Field and Chevrolet - Lanos . All cars had Lipetsk numbers.

Besides, has suffered the Muscovite At which back headlights were melted off. To make a complaint to the private security enterprise the Signature stamp owners of cars cannot. In receipts in which it is specified that each owner has paid for one night of parking of 40 roubles, in small print is written that the firm does not bear responsibility for the damages of a car called including an arson.

- that is an arson, it is not necessary to doubt, - Alexander of EAGLES, the chief of calculation of a fire brigade 6 is convinced . - We have found a minimum four centres of kindling. On parking there were 40 more cars, and only fast actions of firemen have not allowed to affliction to extend even more strongly. And more: by a lucky chance at one of the burnt down cars the petrol tank has not blown up.

Now the originator is searched by militia.