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In Tiraspol the earth under commercial buildings will allocate on a competitive basis

City council of Tiraspol has confirmed two positions about the earth which define an order of allocation of the ground areas in city boundaries and compulsory withdrawal of the earth at unfair land users.

In documents it is provided that sites under building in Tiraspol will allocate only publicly, on a competitive basis. Any interested person can take part in auction, and the right of use of the earth will be received by the one who will offer more favourable conditions for a city.

According to deputies, process of distribution of land in city boundaries becomes as much as possible transparent.

- the Basic moment will be not only the monetary contribution of the land user to ground area development, but also a social orientation of development of the given site, an accomplishment of adjoining territories, - has told the chairman of the commission of the City Council under the legislation Oleg Dovgopol.

the ground areas the same as the privatised objects Will be withdrawn: according to new position, the city has the right to terminate unilaterally the contract with the land user who does not execute undertaken on building or a ground area accomplishment.

In   March the Tiraspol City Council has decided to liquidate the town-planning commission which gave out permissions to commercial building as the existing state of affairs allowed owners of sites to earn illegally the large sums of money on their resale.

the Commission allocated sites to the investors, wishing to open any business, thus the earth it was given free of charge. However owners of sites quite often conceded the rights to it, earning thus ten and even hundred thousand dollars which went to detour of the budget of capital.  

the Source:   New Region - Dnestr region