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Schools of Tiraspol do not have not enough money for preparation for new academic year

At session of People`s Deputies of Tiraspol the report of the head of department of national education of Tiraspol of Evgenie Kohanovsky on payment of a salary and preparation of educational institutions of capital by new academic year has been heard.  

- For today, - Evgenie Kohanovsky,   has noted; - the salary for May and June is completely paid teachers. Within 10 working days a holiday money will be paid. To spend face lifting in educational institutions of Tiraspol, to prepare them by new academic year 600 000 roubles (more than $70 thousand) are necessary.

the subject   Was discussed also; Uniform graduation examination. This year for the first time Dnestr graduates passed the Unified State Examination on the same level with schoolboys   the Russian. According to Evgenie Kohanovsky teaching level at schools of Tiraspol not to the full corresponds to Russian education standards, as it became obvious at Unified State Examination summarising.

Affects   shortage of the qualified teachers. So for today from 2671 teachers   only 35 % have the higher and first categories. Age of 40 % of teachers   the pension.   Besides, during holidays many teachers leave on earnings to Russia and more often do not come back any more in schools.

In educational institutions   does not suffice not only teachers, but also medical workers. On the average by the end of academic year one doctor served 2 - 3 schools.  

the Source: OLVIJA - the PRESS