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Will nurture now children and cinema

Still more recently in Northern capital 28 city cinemas worked. Now them remains only five: Rising Zanevsky Friendship Uranium and the Aurora (in Petrodvorets). The others have turned to private shops.

That socially not protected part of townspeople did not remain on a broader scale without major of arts in our city the program according to which the mentioned five will just work with this audience is developed.

- We have begun that have enclosed a considerable part of budgetary funds in upgrade and repair Friendship and Zanevsky - has told to us the general director of official body Peterburgkino Lyudmila Tomsky. - on 55 million roubles - on each of them. We will soon be engaged also in other three. All five cinemas will look modern, halls are equipped by last word of technics. The updated five should become operational by 2010.

First half of day we will work with schoolboys and not so well-founded spectators. Accent we will make for work with children. In our plans - to revive at schools system of film subscriptions. It, truth, exists and today. But regular it is impossible to name this work.  

- And to burn through on morning performances be not afraid?

- Is not present. In the evening cinemas become commercial. In them it will be possible to look at all last novelties of film service.

- Festival films will twist?

- And where we will get to? Necessarily. But, I repeat, the main thing for us - children. After all the cinema bears huge educational function.


the State order will return to a cinema

the New minister of culture of Russia Alexander Avdeev at the next session of the State Duma has declared that in the country the state order for the Russian cinema will be revived. Well it or is bad? We have asked to comment on this news of known Petersburg cinematographers.

- Yes what it is news? - The founder of an indelible masterpiece about Sherlock Holmes, the film director, the national actor of Russia Igor Maslennikov was surprised. - I and now shoot films on money from the state budget. However, very often Minkult demands, that were also soinvestory. Here, probably, an essence in other: the state first of all will give out money for projects spiritually - the patriotic maintenance. And I in it of anything bad do not see. Well, for example, why not to make a copy of the Soviet historical films about Suvorov, Kutuzov, Nakhimov. Or to revive children`s cinema - in Russia today it almost do not remove.

- I will Not eulogise the state order, - the director of the well-known telenovel " has categorically declared to us; the Crime and punishment film director Dmitry Svetozarov. - the State order is not mine. Certainly, there will be people who will remove zakazuhu . But at once there is a question of questions: And who this cinema will look?

what Continuation of a favourite film of your childhood you would like to see the QUESTION of DAY?

Yury STOYANOV, the national actor of Russia:

- I with the great pleasure would look at continuation Old man Hottabycha . It is remarkable, very kind picture.

Andrey KIVINOV, the writer:

- I do not see films of my childhood which could have a continuation. Well what, for example, continuation Imperceptible avengers it is possible to remove? And here to remove remakes of old films it is possible. For example, recently have shown a remarkable picture Dubravka . Its plot also is now actual. And on a broader scale it is necessary to remove more than new children`s films.

Alain BIKKULOVA, the singer:

- Moscow does not believe tears . I very much like the actor and director Vladimir Menshov. Still it is interesting to learn, how there will be a destiny of heroes Alentovoj and Batalov...

Michael SKIBA, the general director of the company PiterStej :

  - the Guest from the future . In this picture there is something fantastic, fantastic that to us so does not get in real life.

Andrey ZABLUDOVSKY, the guitarist of group the Secret :

- I would not like to see continuations of films of my childhood. Let they remain such what are in my soul. To do their continuations - all the same that to Pushkin`s monument to put a monument of Makarevichu.  

Yana ZHUKOV, the general director of Joint-Stock Company the Polyclinic complex :

- Attention, a turtle! this remarkable film forces children to reflect on good and harm, accustoms them to answer for the made decisions, to forgive. In a word, learns lives.

Alexander GONCHARKO, the director of the centres of stomatology and Open Company implantation Intan :

- Ivan Vasilevich changes a trade . In a picture it is a lot of irony and an interlacing of human characters. I reconsider it again and again. And each time I open for myself something new.

Igor Anatolevich Maksimtsev, rector Sankt - the Petersburg state university of economy and the finance:

- Continuation Cinderellas . After all this film tells about kindness and nobleness. Especially to me of a fuse in memory a phrase of one of heroes of this film: When - nibud you will ask that you can show, and then no communications will help to make a leg small, to a shower big, and heart fair