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Whether to go to steam-ships - will solve rains

By the end of June the Cupid has strongly shoaled. So that   water communication with several settlements on the Cupid has been suspended. For example,   to channels Ministerial, farm Sorokino and Top Zarechja from - for low waters steam-ships could not go. Very much small. And to sit down on a bank it is possible for a minute. It is possible to pull out then not one day.

But in the rest the schedule of river crafts the former.

- In the nearest two weeks of any changes in navigation it is not expected, - has told the deputy chief Amurrechturista Victor of HUMPBACKS. - and transportation of passengers on a route Khabarovsk - Nikolaevsk - on - the Cupid type courts the Meteor passes in a former mode. And here it will be visible further, all depends on weather. Rains already have gone, promise them and next week. We will hope for the best.  

Only the rain which poured all night long and a part of day of Friday, a picture has not changed.

- the Water level in the river on - former remains very low, - tells the Khabarovsk Gidrometeotsetra Valentine`s SUSHKOVA hydrobroad gull. - It has on the sly started to fall since the spring. Norm of level in area   Khabarovsk should be 134 sm, and today it a minus 114 see In the near future there will be deposits. But I do not think that they will bring good high waters - replenishments by water in river basins is not expected.

And one of these days around Blagoveshchensk on the Cupid of village on a bank the Chinese barge. The vessel transported party of a red brick. Behind a waterway line, on the Chinese party the river has shoaled more strongly, than on ours. Besides the barge has hit about a large stone and has hurt the bottom. For movement of the Russian courts she has not created hindrances.


River walking routes on - former wait for Khabarovsk citizens and city visitors.   Every day at 13 o`clock from landing stage of river station the steam-ship " sails; Moscow on which it is possible to sweep on the river to the bridge and back. On this line four vessels,   work; they go with an interval to half an hour. Cost of the ticket of 120 roubles - the adult, 60 roubles - for children is elderly with 5 till 10 years. By each steam-ship there is a bar, video, and in the evening - discos. As have told in Amurrechturiste walks on the Cupid by the steam-ship do not lose popularity. For example, during week-end have time to sweep more than 1,5 thousand persons.