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In Khabarovsk the dog prevented to rescue the person

the Signal that at kindergarten gate that in the street Panfilovtsev, lies strongly hackneyed man, has arrived on the panel fast early in the morning. neotlozhka has urgently arrived to the address. Habarovchanin really it has appeared it is seriously wounded. Doctors have tried to render first aid, however it was prevented by a dog of the victim.

the Dog in which sort obviously there were poodles, has not saved the owner from a beating, therefore that there are forces tried to be rehabilitated. The dog did not admit anybody to the man. The victim bled profusely in the meantime.

Arrived after fast militiamen 3 - go GOMa in the best cowboy`s traditions tried to lasso an animal, beckoned it vkusnostjami, tried to push away a foot. But the semipoodle became absolutely furious that on a broader scale - that is not peculiar to a similar breed of dog.

- not to shoot a dog on a place at the wounded owner, suddenly to it from it becomes even worse, - has told employee Z - go GOMa. - And to the victim became worse with each minute. It was necessary to call rescuers. Perhaps, they could catch an animal. We have decided that they have special adaptations.  

However services of rescuers were not necessary. A situation with own hand razrulil the local sanitary technician who passed by and saw, how employees of emergency services toil. Despite of aggression of a mongrel, the man has fearlessly stepped kersey boots in a grass. go here, Japanese god - the courageous sanitary technician has told. The dog has been seized for shkirku and sent in a bag. Doctors have shipped the hackneyed man in the car and have taken away in the second regional clinical hospital. About a thunder-storm of all militiamen and doctors - a dog of uncertain breed, neighbours of the victim will take care.