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Adventures krasnojarki in America - 4

Before departure we have asked Alena to keep a diary about the life in the USA on our site http:// www./. And to get used to another`s country it is easier, and it is interesting to Krasnoyarsk citizens to learn that the Russian person abroad feels. A leah so is beautiful, as it seems a dolce vita abroad.

So, once a week on a site read new pages from Alena`s diary. Questions to the girl can be set on electronic mail hustik@kras or directly on a site in section responses. Alena promises to respond all.

a Series 4

Americans do not run, and go sports step

two weeks as I in America. I cannot tell that I start it to love, but I unequivocally start to get used to it. To me already many things here are nice. Yesterday I drove the car!!! A class!!! Thought, will be worse. Then we ran in park, in America very few people runs, because it is considered that run only wears out, all go sports walking. At Americans it is considered that so more muscles works. I do not know, personally I adore to run!
today since the morning have gone to pool. It starts to work from 6 mornings, we have arrived to 7 - 30, and already was to many people. All Americans want to work sports before work. I practically am not able to float, but could float a path there and back. Rik in army has well trained, the American soldiers have been obliged to spend in water an hour and a half in full regimentals, without floating, and simply remaining afloat. It it is simple as a dolphin in water!!! I managed the best teacher on swimming!!! In general, adaptation has begun! And I am very glad to it!

If I do not marry, I am obliged to return Riku a ring

it is fast at us with Rikom serious conversations concerning our future will begin. It has given me time till the end of a month, then it will be necessary to tell that I think concerning the further actions... To marry it or to leave back, to Russia. By the way under the law, I am obliged to return Riku a ring if I will not marry it. So here at them! (Rik has presented to Alain a smart ring).
If it is fair, I am broken off. Why at women creation of a family and professional development drops out on the same age? All suits me in our relations, I very much am afraid of them to lose, because it is difficult to find the person accepting and understanding you, plus completely giving all the best in relations. But I also would like to make something with the work. And I can nothing. For this purpose the big city, but Rik categorically against moving is necessary to me. If moving also takes place, it will be something similar to this place. Silent and quiet. I do not have rhythm, no vanity, movement. The person such difficult being when you live in a city - would be desirable for a city. When you live out of town - it would be desirable in a city, you live on the earth - you miss asphalt and on the contrary. The snivel OK will suffice to dismiss.

Freak on American - the moron with strangenesses

By the way, very much wanted to tell. Americans absolutely on - to another speak. The complete antithesis to to what me learnt at institute. Sounds at all though them to understand much easier, than Englishmen. In respect of a pronunciation, I practically mispronounce all. Such elementary words, as look, book, cook. Sounds absolutely others.
I have learnt many new words from American slenga:

pooped - dog-tired, exhausted
jerk - the moron

freak - the moron with strangenesses
tush - a bum
butt - the same the bottom, but the word meaning is softer

i cannot understand anything in this freaking book - dolbannyj
junky - the addict

And now answers to your questions  

Questions to me can be set on electronic mail hustik@kras or directly on a site under article. I promise to respond all.

Americans do not go for work in spangles

Now about clothes, Put on in America all on - to a miscellaneous. More often it simply vest and jeans or shorts. As soon as the heat was established, all girls have passed to dresses. On my impressions, in Europe girls preferred jeans more. All - taki dresses are more womanly. But besides your clothes depend on what plans at you per day. If you go for work will put on according to type of your work. In official bodies employees carry often a uniform. A shirt/   a blouse and trousers/   a skirt. Rules are established by your boss, who and in what can come to the office. If you go to shop or simply to have dinner, can look somehow. At me the impression more often is made that some people do not look at all in a mirror. As I already spoke, clothes not in the first row priorities. The main thing that was pure, and here ironed or not -   it is not so important. Here judge not on odezhke that is why that disappears behind it, I mean your person. One more basic difference from Russia. Here there is an accurate differentiation between clothes in styles casual (daily) from clothes on an exit . In America you never precisely will see the woman in spangles at ten o`clock mornings. And in Russia many women dress a jacket with pastes, spangles for work.  


Want glamour life -   search for the banker or the lawyer!

Concerning heels - percent of 80 women go on a low heel or in slates. Heels -   it is more office variant or if you gather for appointment, in expensive restaurant or on a cocktail - a party. I -   the big fan of a film Sex in the Big city has looked at all seasons and thought that this style of life reflects a reality. But it not so. As in a film lives percent 5 - 10 population in which hands there are big capitals. This film not about middle class, and about those who costs much more above. Those brands in which girls in " put on; Sex in a big city stand from 1 000$. And an average salary here-5   000$. Someone receives much less. Present their expenses on the apartment maintenance. In America very few people has own habitation. Often people rent houses till the end of life. Take a mortgage from you there should be a good tax history, good work. Therefore if want to lead that glamour life -   search to itself for the banker or the lawyer! These are one of the most profitable trades!

the guest visa give only to relatives

Concerning the visa, yes, I made out the visa of the bride. At first considered the guest visa since I wanted to look at America and to understand mine or not mine. Before I was in the European countries and have madly fallen in love with Europe. And about America heard both bad, and good much. But as they say, while itself you will not try, the eyes you will not see, on the skin you will not test, you can not understand. Having found out about guest visas, this variant at me has disappeared at once, 5   the person which tried to receive it were refused. And it not only girls who consider in the West as weapons of mass destruction. From - that they make a competition to the local weaker sex, and in connection with cases of violence over Russian women in marriages with the American citizens. Quite succeeding two businessmen could not receive the guest visa. The matter is that the guest visa give basically to those persons which relatives live in America. Therefore I had to make out the visa of the bride. How it was? My groom has employed the lawyer from immigration service, which has informed on all documents, which should be collected (and them so much!) Has issued all petitions, I have filled necessary questionnaires, have sent them to America. The full package of documents has been sent on consideration in immigration service of our staff. After a while from them the answer has come that the demand is considered also to us it was necessary to wait only for a call from the American embassy. The visa of the bride can be received only in Moscow. Unfortunately, all this process has occupied nearby 6   months. So be reserved by patience and save money on short meetings in neutral territory that your romantic relations have not cooled down.


In July in Boston heat

- As to weather, that, for example, in the end of April to Boston, already about plus 22 -   24 degrees. In May rises to plus 30. Now in the street +   34. In the city very hot, unbounded buildings, asphalt, all very strongly heats up, therefore if you do not escape on work under streams of cold air of the conditioner, that is chance to earn a sunstroke. Here all try to leave on the nature, is closer to ocean, the ocean breeze possesses tremendous effect: fresh salty air very much invigorates. We live in an hour of driving from Boston, around lakes, our house is directly on lake, water very warm as pair milk, scooters, motor boats to which adhere rubber " everywhere drive; buns and bananas .

Continuation read within the next few days