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In Krasnoyarsk sold a poisonous onion!

in Krasnoyarsk spot-checks on shops and the grocery markets of a city proceed. These checks are connected with mass flash iersinioza (a dangerous intestinal infection) in children`s recreation camps and gardens. We will remind, in hospitals of Krasnoyarsk and edge till now there are 96 patients iersiniozom, from them 93 children. For the last days four more persons - three schoolboys and one adult were ill. That though as - that to stop a dangerous infection, employees of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs on edge and Rospotrebnadzor prosherstili all markets and wholesale bases of Krasnoyarsk. With special predilection checked the Krasnoyarsk supply the market Southern the Beam - 2002 Fruit from all over the world wholesale base on Spandarjana. Experts do not exclude, what exactly fruit and vegetables for camps and nurseries gardens where children have caught in these shops were bought. Results of check have appeared not such joyful for us, simple buyers. Practically in all markets vegetables were on sale without documents, consignment notes and cash registers. Quality certificates on products have in most cases appeared a fake, or did not correspond to the sold goods, and in the majority of points of documents on vegetables it was not simple.

In the market the Beam - 2002 the Soviet area militiamen have withdrawn 25 tons of a poisonous onion. The quantity of nitrates in onions exceeded all admissible norms several times.

- Now we have temporarily suspended activity of this shop, - Olga Kakurina, the inspector on communications with mass-media of the Department of Internal Affairs on the Soviet area of Krasnoyarsk tells. - earlier we already withdrew party of onions from the seller with the high maintenance of nitrates. Now new party of an onion took on the repeated analysis. If will prove to be true that vegetables with the high maintenance of nitrates, seller For sale of the goods of inadequate quality, for infringement of the sanitary code the serious penalty and an interdiction for trade expects.

In spite of the fact that all fruit and vegetables which arrive on the city markets, pass careful check, danger to catch iersiniozom on - former is great.

- not to catch iersinioznoj an infection, we recommend to Krasnoyarsk citizens to observe all safety measures, - Natalia Krasnopeeva, a press - the secretary of Management rospotrebnadzora across Krasnoyarsk region tells. - all fruit and vegetables needs to be cleared, properly to wash out in hot water and to douse boiled water. As the virus iersinioza perishes in the sour and salty environment, fresh vegetables can be sustained in 3 % a solution of acetic acid or to take in salty water.