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In Barnaul the big road repair

this year has begun is planned to repair a site Cheljuskintsev   from Guerrilla to the bridge through Barnaulku.   This street   for a long time became a nightmare of motorists. On it passes a dense stream of lorries, on the centre plies trams. But it so narrow that, leaving cars, passengers get directly on proezzhuju a part. After reconstruction all will be differently. Street will expand to 21 metres. Thus the width proezzhej will make parts from 10 to 14 metres. If now in each party one strip in their future becomes two is laid only. At tram stops there will be airfields, and on bus - zaezdnye pockets. And tram rails will replace on new and will lay out tram ways a tile - the same as and in the street the Soviet Army which reconstructed last year.

the Photo: Elena Panfilo

Proceeds also repair of one of the most emergency sites of Barnaul - a crossroads of streets of Malakhov and Yurin (in its people still name the Area of columns ) Which has begun last year. The traffic through columns is already stopped and entered the ring. And it is fast with proezzhej parts support of a contact network of electrotransport will disappear also - them will replace with the new. A part of these columns it will be established in the Malahovsky ring, the others - on area perimetre, on the brink of transitive sidewalks. Thus driving a part becomes more spacious, and drivers should not manoeuvre between these obstacles. Besides, now on   to road are equipped security islets . The city authorities have reflected not only on convenience of journey on updated to a ring but also about its external shape - vitse - mayor Igor Peremazov has given to artists of city committee on architecture the task - in the shortest terms to develop the project of external registration of a crossroads and the architectural form which will decorate it.

the Photo: Elena Panfilo

In the meantime

In the Central area for a week intraquarter fares of streets of Belinsky (the item Southern), Nekrasov are repaired. Repair of intradomestic territories proceeds - road coverings of some houses on streets Bitter, Chernyshevsky, Sandy, International, the prospectus Krasnoarmejsky are repaired.

In Railway area the part of intraquarter fares of streets of George Isakova, 80 - j the Division of guards, Polar is repaired.

In October area works on major repairs asfaltobetonnogo coverings of street Krasnoselsky microdistrict VRZ are finished.

For a week in by Leninsk area 3 intraquarter journeys of street Isakova, including journey by a kindergarten 160 are repaired, repair of journey of the market " is finished; Dokuchaevo . Works on repair of intraquarter fares of street of the Soviet Army are conducted.

In Industrial area intradomestic territories of a part of houses on streets of 50 years of the USSR, Suhe - Batora are repaired. Works along the street Baltic, and also along the street Yesenin in microdistrict of individual building the West - 1 are conducted.