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Kyrgyzstansky and Turkish rentgenhirurgi have saved life to 20 cores

In Europe cost of such procedure makes, on the average, from 4 to 5 thousand dollars. At us manages in 3 - 4 times more cheaply.
a photo: Herman LOMKOV

The professional feast - Day of the medical worker - rentgenhirurgi the National centre   cardiology and therapy of M.Mirrahimova have met on fighting fast. Till the late night domestic experts together with colleagues from Turkey slaved away in the operational block. All the matter is that on July, 3rd and 4 in branch rentgenhirurgii there passed the vital action: Physicians spent the patient with a sharp heart attack of a myocardium stentirovanie coronary arteries - the most sparing method of surgical treatment at ssuzhenii vessels.

- Such actions we organise throughout last two years, - has told the head of department rentgenendovaskuljarnoj surgeries of Murat Dadabaev. - In October, 2006, thanks to state material support, the expensive equipment has been got. On it lately domestic surgeons have spent more than 1   000 researches and operations. Undoubtedly, recently besskalpelnyj the method of treatment of vessels of heart has got great popularity. In our country it as is impossible actually: annually from warm - vascular diseases dies 18 thousand kyrgyzstantsev. The requirement for such operations makes not less than 5 thousand a year!.

But successfully to operate, it is not enough one modern equipment, - the doctor of medical sciences absolutely fairly argues. It is required to republic the prepared qualified personnel. And how still it is possible to increase the experience in rendering assistance to cores? Certainly, to spend teamwork with foreign colleagues.

-   Leaders Turkish rentgenhirurgi with pleasure have accepted our invitation, - professor Dadabaev continues. - In the operational block young kyrgyzstanskie doctors have received magnificent possibility to track their highly skilled work and to get hand in. After all it is frequent on a surgical table seriously ill patients patients to whom the unequivocal approach is simply inapplicable get!

By the way, foreign experts very much were surprised, having familiarised with case records of patients. where you find such heavy patients? - they were surprised. The matter is that in all developed countries similar procedures doctors carry out all at the first stages of illness, without allowing an illness to develop and progress. At us the core lays down on an operational table only after will transfer 2 - 3 heart attacks. The started illness amazes at once some vessels. Naturally, to punch closed for 5 - 6 years channels difficultly. On idea, with plural defeats of vessels surgical correction with open operation - a thorax cut is required to patients. But owing to that is more often people of old age with a number of contra-indications in medical cards, physicians make a choice in advantage though also difficult, but a sparing method of surgical treatment.

- In the first day we have spent 8 operations, - sums up the chief of department rentgenendovaskuljarnoj surgeries. - all patients feel well. In the morning on July, 4th them have translated in branch, and now they already independently move on chamber. In total for two days have operated more than 20 patients.



Kyrgyzstan will make the medicines

During yesterday`s grand welcome with doctors of republic head of the state Kurmanbek Bakiev has shared with them positive news: more close by the end of current month in industrial territory SEZ Bishkek it will be handed over on a turn-key basis the modern pharmaceutical factory, which contribution links begin to let out wide assortment of medicines. Owners of factory promise that domestic preparations will be qualitative and accessible.