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George MARTIROSJAN: “ I Like to play reptiles and villains! “

“ the most difficult role is a life “

- In many films you quite often managed roles of such villains … It is accident?

- I like to play so-called reptiles and villains. It is much more interesting, after all it is character parts. The hero - it in all is positive, rectilinear and as a rule is boring. And you can find thousand nuances in the characteristic hero and put the character who in each new situation behaves on - to a miscellaneous. He/she is the person - a riddle, by sight it is lovely enough, and in a shower there is any highlight. In such images uneasy to get used, but it is interesting. Characters - virtues, in my opinion, are not so interesting. In them there is no riddle, from - for which always there is a stimulus to understand the hero.

- What roles are the heaviest for playing?

- the Most difficult for me the role is a life. You since the childhood are nurtured by parents, put moral values. Itself you try to be simply ordinary worthy person. You hope that all around as is good, as would like itself. In a reality all is perfect differently - it is necessary to be discouraged often. From vital examples I type some properties, which then vyleplivaju in an integral image of my hero.

And then simply you carry out a certain problem.

- And to you it was possible to learn in the character itself?

- the role of the mayor and simultaneously the father of one of protagonists (Makarova was the closest to me. - Red.) In “ Kadetstve “. My character has missed a lot of time and tried to establish close relations with the child. In life I have come up against once a similar situation. When we have divorced from the wife, to the little son was all
12 years. Since that moment it was completely on my care. One had to give a lot of time to its education, to put on feet.

“ I Hate shooters! “

- In what film you would like to play?

- Over it never reflected. If invite - I go to play. But only not in insurgents! I hate shooters! Russian have not learnt yet travelling to remove.

- you like to surprise?

- to deliver to the people pleasure especially close More likely. For example, on 16 - letie the daughter I have presented a gold ring with 16 brilliants. To it has adhered a ribbon and has put in a rose bud. She wanted for a long time a ring, but such surprise did not expect! Very much it was pleasant to it.

- Over what roles work now?

- Recently we with colleagues have let out two new performances - “ Scandal “ which today we played the Concert hall, and absolutely fresh - “ the Big zebra “ the director of Paul Ursula. On television recently has stopped to act in film in a serial about doctors “ I treat “ which now goes on STS. There I in a role of the sponsor of hospital in which the history plot is developed. I will open a secret: wash the hero becomes a key to a solution of  destruction of parents of Lery Chehovoj.