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Soon each burnt through investor can receive from the state of 20 thousand catfishes

the State guarantees it compensation of the lost money under any circumstances. However, indemnification sum will make only 20 thousand catfishes. With that end in view the head of the state has published the order about Agency creation on protection of deposits. Kasymov has told about it to journalists zavsektorom economic policy of Presidential Administration Zhyrgalbek.      

the Chairman of Natsbank Marat Alapaev has added the information -   in the agency budget   will be   127 million catfishes. Its financing will be carried out at the expense of single payments of the government and commercial banks in the equal size. The given project on a plan of its authors should strengthen bank system of the country and raise trust of the population to banking establishments. possibility to protect deposits increases number of contributions to banks, and, hence, more money resources arrives in the state budget - the head of Ministry of economic development and trade Akylbek Zhaparov has explained. Now there is a formation of board of directors which will consist of seven persons. Agency creation is entrusted to government KR.    

One more new structure will prosecute henceforth agriculture subjects - the Kirghiz agrofood corporation about which creation president KR also has disposed. Before corporation there are three problems: purchase of agricultural production for republican using; increase in export of this production; And also informing of everyone   in the spring about that, how much and for what price products will be bought from the Kirghiz farmers.    

It is planned that the given corporation will help the country with overcoming of food crisis, which,   according to Akylbeka Zhaparova, will last the nearest 7 - 10 years. The minister and good news has shared: in reply to jump of the food prices the government plans to sell to needy families a flour at the prices below the market. For this purpose for the period in 90 days it is necessary 127 thousand tons of wheat. At present is only 90 thousand tons of a strategic product. But, according to the official, wheat stock soon will be increased to necessary level.