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High schools of regions of Kyrgyzstan risk to lose the students?

Reforming in higher education system, namely - installation of the bottom threshold of payment for training on a contract basis, can cause a number of vital issues. We will remind that since coming academic year 2008 - 2009 students - the first-year students who have arrived on the contract of all without an exception of high schools of the country, being in system of the Ministry of Education, will pay a minimum of 15 thousand catfishes at internal and 13 thousand at correspondence mode of study. As in due time has already explained the Ministry of Education, increase of payment for training speaks that the state spends for one state employee on the average 13 thousand, that is, lower sum of contract training deprives possibility high schools to get the materials necessary for realisation of scientific activity, and also to pay to teachers more or less worthy salary.

the State agency on an antimonopoly policy and competition development at government KR which also took part in the decision of a question on the above-named reform, results the arguments in favour of increase of the size of the contract.

- Now when education will be considered as the goods bought for big enough money, citizens can make to its higher demands, and with complaints to poor-quality education it will be possible to be converted into the corresponding ministry rightfully. Besides,   Thanks to a rise in price of contract training, teachers of percent on 20 will manage to raise a salary, that is they will have an additional stimulus to render qualitative services in educational sphere, - the deputy director of State agency Arslan Dzhamankulov has declared.

However on each plus, as it is known, there is a minus. Now to afford twice if not three times risen in price higher education can it is far not each interested person, that is diploma reception becomes a prerogative concerning well-founded citizens (or, certainly, those who can arrive on the budget). But Arslan Dzhamankulov has found in this situation and the positive moment:

- But to us it will be possible to solve a problem of catastrophic shortage of shots with professional - technical training, - has noted the deputy director. - now those who cannot dare to study in high school, will receive working specialities.

Nevertheless, not all appears so simply: Universities and the institutes located in regions, quite can appear under the threat of closing: a standard of living on periphery much more low, than in capital, and, so, high schools can simply not type necessary number of students - contract employees. Besides, now, when for many entrants to arrive on the budget begins unique way to get in student`s numbers, the probability of new splash in corruption in educational institutions is high. However, what ambiguous prospects, the Ministry of Education, as well as State agency on an antimonopoly policy would not seem, anything to change in this question do not gather - anyway, this year. As to further it is not excluded that on 2009 - 2010 the minimum threshold of payment for contract training will change - depending on what results will be brought by the experiment begun in this year.


In the meantime

Rises in price at us, as it is known, not only education. About a rise in prices for foodstuff and essential commodities domestic mass-media (as, however, and foreign) already were tired to write and speak. Thus that even more irritates the consumer, quality bought by them vtridoroga the goods does not correspond very often to its price. Arslan Dzhamankulov urgently recommends to citizens to be converted with complaints into State agency. By the way, from the beginning of year department has received about such 200 statements bearers of the majority from which or have received back the money, or could exchange the poor-quality goods.