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The mayor of Kishinev Dorin Kirtoake from And to I

And vtomobilist Dorin Kirtoake. In the beginnings of year the capital town governor has got to road accident, and by an official car and on own fault. As it was then found out, at the mayor on papers the student, which   was registered on the driver; saw only some times. Of the mayor have deprived for some time of the rights, however it continued to go for a drive on a city with the time certificate.

esesku - the adviser. As soon as Kirtoake became the mayor, it has first of all gone to Bucharest on a visit to the Romanian president to Trajan Besesku, probably, behind oracles, how rulit capital. It was the first serious step of Dorina as the Kishinev town governor.  

In alja Morilor . And though on the annual press - conferences the mayor has ranked reconstruction of park of the former Komsomol lake to itself in a merit, at the bottom of a reservoir on - former the tall weeds grows.    

G eorgija Asaki - street. Its repair has begun with arrangement of parking lots along road. It is a pity that street where there are the works, only one.  
D jadja Dorina, it - the chairman of Municipal council - Mihaj Gimpu, now tests some so we will tell, difficulties. For its resignation 27 persons (more than half of structure of advice) recently have voted, and alternative chairman Edward Mushuk has been selected. Now in advice swear, accordingly, problems of townspeople do not dare.

E lka. Adventures with a New Year tree remember many kishinevtsy: At first it stood opposite to the government house, then was gone and... It has appeared at a mayoralty building. So in Kishinev this year was at once two green beauties - one mayor and the second - governmental.

elanie to be more close to Europe it was materialised: in park Shtefana of foreheads of Mare on a bed there was the flag of the European Union which has been laid out by blue stones and yellow colours. Now inhabitants of capital actively near it are photographed.  

Z apah from the clearing. He/she is our mayor too has ranked to itself in merits - a pier, it has rescued capital from an unpleasant smell of a sewage. It is a question of the joint project with Piteshtami which essence - to learn to overwork correctly silt. However, for the present the problem is solved not up to the end, and in a city as the mayor promises, will be normal to smell only to New Year`s feasts.    

To to the salary the increase at a rate of 20 % was received by workers of social sphere of capital and suburbs (it is a question of teachers, tutors, art workers).

M ansardy. At first experts argued on much, a leah good on a broader scale idea - to build it on a roof of houses additional floors, what its pluses, minuses. But as a result for today the permit to begin work on 16   is already obtained; objects under an indispensable condition to improve facades of buildings and to repair entrances. On turn of 15 more houses.

N ehvatka money in the city budget: deficiency makes an order of 500 million leev.

About tchet about the done work the mayor has presented in an original way enough - has collected a press - conference open-air in Park Shtefana of foreheads of Mare. There he among the other has declared that in 2009 will necessarily take part in parliamentary elections.

P arkovki. To unapproved parking the mayor has declared war: it is necessary to park only there where it is authorised. However, any many-storeyed parking which should solve a transport problem, in Kishinev it is not constructed yet.    

With it is elastic: it at the mayor is not present! That is why Dorin Kirtoake by right can be considered as one of the most enviable grooms of capital: it is young, staten and at a post solid.

T arif on heat. It on a broader scale a sore point for capital. the Thermoclod demands from the mayoralty money for a covering of indemnifications, the mayoralty repeats that the tariff is overestimated. That structures among themselves swear, on a hand to townspeople: in pay-sheets for heat at kishinevtsev while the old prices.

F unktsionalnost municipal council many call into question - advisers gather, swear, sometimes fight and, having solved nothing, go home.  

CHE on football - 2008. Our mayor - the real man, and, naturally, anything human is not alien to it. One of these days readers have sent us a photo: Dorin Kirtoake in the capital centre drinks beer, has a snack chips and sits at a little table in an environment of pretty girls. Relaxes.    

- I will try to justify trust kishinevtsev and further, - the mayor has assured and has promised to construct musoroszhigajushchy factory, to repair old and to construct new children`s playgrounds, to understand with a problem of vagrant dogs and to develop in capital mortgage building.


For a year of special gifts to townspeople was not

Vyacheslav IONITSE, the head of public organisation IDIS Viitorul :

- very much it was pleasant To me game in democracy Dorina Kirtoake when it has called a press - conference and has reported to townspeople that has made and that is not present. I especially did not penetrate into its speech, but the fact me have pleasantly surprised. As a whole about its work I can tell one. Kishinev is as the big enterprise, there is a mayor, there is no mayor - for work and all process it does not affect in any way. The city lived, as before. That streets which - where were under repair, swept, people had a hot water it achievement, and a base set which townspeople anyway should receive is faster not. We will assume, I have a child - I feed him. It too a base set not to feed him I cannot. Has bought a doll -   it already a gift. And so: dolls from the mayor this year were not!


From - for trees has not seen wood

Arcady BARBAROSHIE, the chief executive of Institute public the politician:

- Problems of a city the mayor was not engaged because that time most part spent for the decision of conflict situations in municipal council. Within a year the central power undertook attempts to take over it control, partly it was possible to it. The mayor in this situation needed to arrive wisely: not to be got involved in intrigues, and methodically to solve capital problems. However it has turned out that from - for trees he has not seen wood. It would be desirable, that the capital town governor concentrated not on the politician, and on a heat supply, water drain systems, has solved a problem of congestion of streets.  

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