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The Ulyanovsk line has appeared mortally dangerous

First aid worked round the clock

the Third stage of the championship of Russia on the go-cart racing, spent one of these days in our city, has collected more than ever a large quantity of participants. From the name of cities which were represented by racers, rjabilo in eyes: Moscow and St.-Petersburg, Kursk and Odessa, Tyumen and Rostov-on-Don, Ekaterinburg and Nizhni Novgorod, Cherepovets and the Eagle, Southern - Sahalinsk and Belgorod, Voronezh and Kazan, Samara and Tolyatti, Ulyanovsk and Syzran, Armavir and Volgodonsk All to be overcome for awards of competitions in eight classes of go-cart racing has wished about two hundred twenty sportsmen.

In Ulyanovsk kartingisty began to gather for a week prior to the beginning of a stage. All precompetitive days sportsmen have spent in Simbirsk where all day long spent fruitful trainings. Organizers of races for secure daily called in sports park the carriage first aid . And walking these watches for physicians did not become. Already during training arrivals there were two departures of racers about the lines which have ended for young kartingistov with visit to hospital. And in the first competitive day there was the failure which hardly has not turned to tragedy. Two map, without having entered in turn, on huge speed have taken off from a line and, having taken down a protecting number from automobile tyre covers, have knocked down the video operator removing a plot about competitions. To the representative of mass-media has carried: for memory of failure it still had only huge bruise. It was no time for rest doctors and during final races. So, for example, rostovchanin Alexander Serenko has done the present circus turn, having made on the to a map dizzy kulbit. When the car has landed, the racer has independently left maps, but, without having passed and ten steps, has fallen. The physicians who have directed to the aid have found out a strong bruise of a back in the Rostov sportsman.

Muscovite Maria Leonteva competing in a class mikro also has already tested all delights the Ulyanovsk line.

- On present starts I, fortunately, have not got to failure, - the young sportswoman has declared. - and here past winter has caught ears . So, in our sport, the situation when the car during race turns over is called, and you under it appear. Now, when meal to compete in your city, mum very strongly for me is stirred.

- In all are guilty the big competitive speeds and the increased competition in dispute for leadership, - the chairman of the Ulyanovsk federation of automotorcycle sport Paul MIRONOV has tried to explain a considerable quantity of failures. - But I all the same remain at opinion that go-cart racing - one of the most safe sports.

It is a pity that organizers of the Ulyanovsk races adhere only to such point of view. After all when there will be a present tragedy, to think of improvement of security of participants and spectators will be already late. Perhaps in that case, heads of the Russian Automobile Federation should become thoughtful, instead of a leah to transfer the remained Ulyanovsk stages to other cities. There, where on kartingovyh security lines it is given more attention.

the Point Muscovites

correct Shocked the Ulyanovsk fans of the motor racing who has gathered on tribunes of sports park Simbirsk not only numerous failures, but also the extremely unsuccessful results of local sportsmen. It it is necessary such to happen - in eight competitive classes our fellow countrymen have not occupied any prize-winning places! A failure and only! From simbmrjan Yaroslav Kotmanov who has occupied the ninth final place in a class " has achieved the best result; mini .

On a broader scale it is necessary to notice that, despite extended geography of participants, overwhelming number of prize-winning places - 13 from 24 - have occupied kartingisty from Moscow. Failure for representatives of capital, as well as at the previous stages, races in the most powerful class of go-cart racing - " have turned out only; KZ - 2 . Arrived to Ulyanovsk in a role of leaders of tournament ekaterinburzhets Cyril Ladygin and Vladimir Nechaev from Armavir and on a line Simbirsk have appeared out of competition. From the start of race Vladimir Nechaev forward has confidently escaped. The representative of Krasnodar territory was in the lead with an essential separation from rivals, over and over again showing the best time of passage of a circle. In passing he has established also a new record of passage of a line Ulyanovsk kartodroma - 55,332 seconds.


Medallists of the Ulyanovsk stage:

the Class mikro : 1 place - George Talachanov (Moscow), 2 place - Matvej Maslov (Moscow), 3 place - Yaroslav Kolotov (Moscow)

the Class Super - Mini : 1 place - Nikita Godovanjuk (Podolsk), 2 place - Cyril Karpov (Moscow), 3 place - Rodion Brylkov (Moscow)

the Class Rotaks - Max - the Junior : 1 place - Roman Mavlanov (Moscow), 2 place - Alexander Zenkin (Moscow), 3 place - Nikita Tetjuhin (Tolyatti)

the Class Rotaks - Max : 1 place - Michael Mitrokhin (St.-Petersburg), 2 place - Grigory Pahomov (Moscow), 3 place - Vladimir Gnoevoj (Salsk)

the Class mini : 1 place - Egor Stupenkov (Moscow), 2 place - Matevos Isaakjan (Moscow), 3 place - Nikita Sitnikov (Obninsk)

the Class KF - 3 : 1 place - Andrey Runov (Volgodonsk), 2 place - Sergey Sirotkin (Moscow), 3 place - Cyril Okunkov (Moscow)

the Class KF - 2 : 1 place - Christian Fridrih (Moscow), 2 place - Michael Mitrokhin (St.-Petersburg), 3 place - Jan Vonzanok (Southern - Sahalinsk)

the Class KZ - 2 : 1 place - Vladimir Nechaev (Armavir), 2 place - Alexander Ulyanov (Chelyabinsk), 3 place - Cyril Ladygin (Ekaterinburg)