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We go to fish on the sea and the rivers of Primorski Krai

Dear readers - admirers of fishing! In this directory correspondents have collected the helpful information for those who is going to go for fishing to Primorski Krai: when, where also what tackles it is possible to catch, what trophies can be extracted on the rivers and in the edge sea, how much is to hire a boat and where to lodge. A tail, cheshujki!

Rules of amateur and sports fishery

... In sea of Japan

Than to catch

It is authorised:

- peremetami no more than 20 hooks,
- krabolovkoj the area no more than one square metre and a cord with a bait for lova a crab, except for Kamchatka (no more than 10 cords with a bait),
- nippers and nets for extraction of molluscs (except a cockleshell - zhemchuzhnitsy, oysters),
- a path for veselnoj a boat,
- a manual net in diameter no more than 0,7 m,
- konusnoj a trap for extraction of a grassy shrimp in diameter of 60 sm with step jachei 10 mm,
- a pole for extraction laminarii Japanese, no more than one piece on a boat,
- kalmarolovnoj the tackle equipped no more than five kalmarnitsami at one person,
- a cord with a bait for dobych   crabs (no more than 10 at one person),
- peremetami no more than 20 hooks on tools lova, except for the period of spawning salmon,
- stavnymi no more than 30 m.

Are forbidden by networks in length:

- application of drags, seines, nonsense, venterej (fish-traps), merezh (rjuzh), manual nets (except for extraction mojvy and an anchovy), elevating grids, loops, captures, matches.

... In   the rivers of Primorski Territory

Than to catch

It is authorised:

- blesnami, wobblers, other artificial baits, on nazhivku with one hook no more than four blesen,
- tackles with a vertical arrangement of hooks of type the petty tyrant but no more than 10 hooks,
- a spinning, a diving gun or a pistol.

It is forbidden:

- to apply ahany, samolovy, ground and pelagicheskie trawls, lanterns, traps,
- to stun fish,
- to establish zakoly and other obstacles,
- to lower water from reservoirs,
- to establish krjuchkovye tools lova with blesnami or with the quantity of the hooks exceeding established present rules.

it is possible to Fish traditionally ashore with a fishing tackle

Where and when it is impossible to fish:

In the sea:

- a grassy shrimp everywhere - from May, 20th till August, 1st,
- all kinds of fish nearby ustev the rivers running into sea of Japan and Peter the Great bay, on distance of 2 km in both parties and 2 km in depth of the sea or a gulf - during a course salmon from June, 1st till October, 31st,
- a herring - from May, 1st till June, 30th,

A krasnoperku Far East - from April, 15th till June, 1st in Peter the Great bay,

In the rivers of Primorski Krai:

- in lake Khanka, in ustjah the rivers running into it and on distance   One kilometre from a mouth upstream and in floods - during the period from April, 20th till July, 20th,
- krasnoperku Far East - from April, 15th till June, 1st in the rivers of coast of sea of Japan
- on zimovalnyh holes on all rivers - from November, 10th till March, 30th,
- on zimovalnyh holes, on navigable waterways, at dams, sluices on distance less than 500 m, at waste collectors in radius of 500 m.
- on river Spasovki floods - from April, 20th till June, 20th
- in lakes Peter and Paul (Dalnerechensky area), the Dawn (Lazovsky area), Goose (island Putjatin), Orehovo (Anuchinsky area), the Ark (Hasansky area) - from June, 1st till September, 15th,

the B. rivers in inflows Spacious: the rivers Nezhinka, Ananevka, Dirty, Second small river from its mouth to the river Nezhinki,
V in the river Yellow,
G in a gulf Fishing (a gulf Small Hankajchik in lake Khanka),
D in the rivers Rjazanovka, Barabashevka, Vasilkovka (river Avakumovka inflow),
E. In a mouth channels Willow, running into the river Big Ussurku, - from September, 1st till December, 15th,
ZH in the river Arsenevke, on its floods and inflows - from April, 20th till June, 20th,
Z in the river Curve (Lazovsky area) - from August, 20th till September, 20th,
I in the river Spasovke: from a mouth to the Gajvoronsky sluice - from April, 1st till June, 1st

And it is possible to combine fashionable diving with skin diving

This fish it is forbidden to catch

In the sea:

- Pacific salmons: Siberian salmon, sima, a humpback salmon and them molod,
- mnogoshchetinkovyh hearts (polyheth),
- oysters,
- a sea pike perch,
- a crab - plavuntsa,
- a herring seaside to the south of a gulf Olga,
- crabs: Kamchatka, dark blue, prickly, hairy, mohnatorukogo,
- a comb: seaside, Japanese, Swift,
- a trepang,
- pelengasa.

In the edge rivers:

- Pacific salmons: a Siberian salmon, sima, a humpback salmon,
- molod Pacific salmons,
- kosatok - crumbs,
- a Far East spineless turtle,
- middendorfovuju perlovitsu Arsenyev,
- kalugu.

Rules of amateur and sports fishery in rybohozjajstvennyh reservoirs of the Far East are installed on March, 1st, 2007.    

Rules of amateur and sports fishery in rybohozjajstvennyh reservoirs of the Far East are installed on March, 1st, 2007. The full text > > >

How much it is possible to catch

As have informed in Territorial administration Goskomrybolovstva, in Primorski Territory for today there are no laws which daily allowances vylov fishes would regulate the general. Quotas exist only for industrial fishery. And, as a matter of fact, each of fishermen - fans now can be considered as the poacher. The penalty for illegal vylov   fishes makes from 500 to 2000 roubles.


If go on fishing with the boat (load-carrying capacity over 225 kgs) it needs to be registered in advance. Be for this purpose converted into centre GIMS of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation across Primorski Territory.

What documents to take:

- characteristics sheet on a boat,
- if it with the motor - the passport on the motor,
- the document confirming the property right (the check, the purchase and sale contract).

your actions:

- bring documents to the inspector. He will look at them and will give requisites for state duty payment,
- with requisites go to bank,
- appoint date of the basic technical survey (agree with the inspector about a bottom, when it to you will arrive to examine your vessel),
- if claims have not arisen, to you write out the ship ticket.

* load-carrying capacity to 225 kg it is not necessary to register Rubber boats.

If hire a boat already on a place, it means that it is already registered also to you of what it is not necessary to care.

keep around:

- the rights to boat driving,
- documents on it,
- the ship ticket.

Where to be converted behind check in

Where is: Center GIMS of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation, street of Lieutenant Schmidt, 21 (Egersheld), bodies.: (4232)   61 - 08 - 66.

the Operating time: with 10. 00 to 15. 00 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday).

the check in Price - 100 roubles, term of manufacturing of documents - two weeks.

Ulov - not the panacea if only ryblka was in pleasure

Where to live

Bases of rest (a site see a map on p. 4 - 5)

1. Base of rest Cinema, suburb of Vladivostok, a bay Azure, Shamora, cape Abrupt, bodies.: (4232)   46 - 88 - 19.

2. Base of rest the Motorist Hasansky area, a bay of Bojsmana, cape Red rock, bodies.: (4232)   41 - 30 - 25.

3. Base of rest the Blue lagoon Kavalerovsky area, with. Kavalerovo, bodies.: (42375 91 - 57 - 87.

4. Base of rest the Fullface Guerrilla area, settlement Volchanets, bodies.: (42365)   26 - 5 - 59.

5. Base of rest Reaches Sandy suburb of Vladivostok, peninsula Sandy, bodies.: (4232)   40 - 77 - 00.

6. Base of rest the East 10 km from the Find, cape Unapproachable, bodies.: 8 - 904 - 623 - 68 - 90, http:// tkvostok. com.

7. Base of rest Shtykovsky ponds Shkotovsky area, 60 km from Vladivostok, bodies.: (4232)   98 - 27 - 27, 8 - 904 - 628 - 27 - 27, http:// sht - prudy. ru/.  

8. Base of rest Feodor Konjuhova`s School the item of Vrangel, the Find gulf, a beach Cow, bodies.: (4236)   66 - 11 - 26,

9. Base of rest SHigino an island Russian, coast of a bay of Novik, bodies.: (4232)   600 - 888.

That how much

Residing - 400 - 2500 roubles from the person a day.

a Food - 320 - 500 roubles a day.

Hire of boats - from 200 roubles at an o`clock.

the Bath - from 100 roubles at an o`clock from the person.

Useful phones

the Code of Vladivostok   - 4232.

FGU Primorrybvod - 22 - 26 - 69  .
Department of the international cooperation and regional administration tourism - 40 - 23 - 21, 40 - 09 - 52.
the Department of Internal Affairs of Vladivostok - 45 - 54 - 69 (call centre).
City PSS (poiskovo - a life-saving service) - 21 - 28 - 88.
Railway station - 24 - 80 - 05 (help).
the Airport - 30 - 73 - 09, 30 - 72 - 09.
First aid - 03.
the Uniform dispatching office on emergency situations - 01.

Fishing records

- In October area on the Strugovsky water basin on June, 12th this year have caught a sazan in weight almost 5 kgs.

- Most ulovistoj sea fish the smelt traditionally is considered. During a season successful fishermen catch it on 5 kgs for a day.

- In one of mountain small rivers in Primorski Krai last year have caught a pike in length of 1,5 metres.

- the Absolute record was put by fishermen - fans from with. Andreevka past spring. They have caught three-metre seldevuju a shark.