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To small Vane your help

is necessary to Vanja with mum
the Photo: from archive Nazarkinyh

Vanja Nazarkin was born with the terrible diagnosis - DTSP (the Children`s cerebral paralysis). At the boy since a birth rupture of vertebras of cervical and lumbar department. Vanja cannot neither go, nor sit, lie - mum practically always holds it on hands. But to surrender this solar child does not gather. Together with mum Vanja has learnt to move fingers as a sign of farewell - so the kid has told to us while .

But with Ulyanovsk help the child could not. Olja it was converted into clinic of doctor Gennady Romanov in St.-Petersburg.

-                 In Romanov`s Center us have very much encouraged, the doctor has told that it is impossible to waste time - the child is not hopeless, - mum Vani sighs, - therefore we and hurry up on treatment.

Till October, 14th Vanju need to be brought to Petersburg in Regional Welfare fund Rehabilitation of the child. G.N.Romanov`s centre on treatment where to the boy have already made orthopedic and ortezogolenostopnyj devices. Orthopedic a corset the centre will help to increase a bone fabric in an organism of the kid that through 3 - 4 months and will allow Vane to rise on feet. Treatment for a family will be free. But half a year Vane with mum should be lived in a city where is not present either relatives, or friends. Means for life in the second capital at Nazarkinyh are not present. Therefore very much asks you to respond and help to return the kid to high-grade life.

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