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the Collection can be exposed next year

  - Were in museum of local lore on an exposition the World of thy hobbies . There saw an interesting collection of coins. I too the numismatist also think, my collection also would be interesting   to northerners. How to participate in a similar exhibition?

  the Reader the question responds Olga ZYRYANOV, the research assistant of Murmansk regional museum of local lore, the curator of an exhibition the World of thy hobbies :

- Similar expositions we open in May - June every year. This year you, of course, had not time to get. But in the following quite can take part. For this purpose it is necessary to be converted into a museum, to tell about the collection or hobby and to show exhibits or creative works. Art and methodical advice will solve ours, a leah they approach for an exhibition. More the detail information can be received by phone (8152 42 - 26 - 52.


to repair a bicycle, it is necessary to rise in turn

After qualitative repair your iron horse to fly, of course, will not begin. But it is possible to try!
the Photo: Lyudmila SHEKA

-   In the summer when in the street there is a good weather, I prefer to move on a city on a bicycle. And here there was a trouble: at me my two-wheeled friend has broken. Where and under what quotations at us in a city it is possible to repair a bicycle?

Ekaterina Astakhov, Murmansk.

  As we have found out, only on two shops of Murmansk render services in repair and service iron 0. These are shops the Trial - sports on Charles Marx`s street, 48 and Sports and rest on street Dzerzhinsky, 6.

- In our shop repair of bicycles occurs as it should be live turns. Because at first we consider demands for that transport which have bought from us, - the selling assistant " tells Natalia NESTEROV; the Trial - sports . - it is necessary for you to come and leave the demand in which you fill out your name and contact phone. And the price depends on complexity of procedure of putting in order of your bicycle, but cost of the most minimum repair - 150 roubles.

But in this shop at times there are no spare parts. Therefore them, probably, you should buy in addition.

- At us spare parts like always suffice, but the turn too is, because only one person is engaged in repair, - Andrey DOMASHEV, the master of shop " makes comments; Sports and rest . - At times people should wait weeks. treatment a bicycle in our workshop to you will manage from 50 to 1500 roubles.


How to get out of a credit trap?

I had a difficult situation: has typed credits, and now I can not extinguish them! The general monthly payment under all credits is made an order of 30000 roubles, and by my salary - about 20 thousand. From banks constantly call, SMS - ki about debts send. Wanted to take the big loan for the sum of 300 000 roubles for the purpose of repayment of all small credits. Have refused. Probably, business in my prepension age. How to leave the given situation?

Galina Alekseevna, Murmansk.

Igor of COMMISSIONERS, the chief of department of investment and development of business of Open Society " Responds; PLAZAGRUPP :

- In the present state of affairs the reader can to advise be converted into bank with the written request for consideration of its question. The letter should be issued in duplicate, one to register in a reception of the bank, the second to leave on hands (the letter can help in case to it it will be refused the request and the bank for collecting of debts will be converted into court). In the letter to specify a current situation and to ask bank to consider possibility of a delay of payment and increase in terms of payment of the credit, thereby to lower the sum of monthly payment. With such letters on a delay of payment the woman can be converted into all banks where took credits.

And 300 thousand at once to it hardly will give. A cause of a failure in a great sum loan can be your prepension age, impossibility to track target use of the new credit and already spoilt credit history.

Leonid SHAHBEGJAN, the psychologist of the Murmansk regional psychoneurological clinic:

- Probably, this woman - impulsive,   the pliable, inspired person. It has appeared in the same trap, as many Russians. Recently the problem of credits has got huge scope, after all it became simple to receive them. Many do not think of that will be then. The friend has told that have given the credit, you too have gone and took, at all without comparing the possibilities with that, on what yourself doom. Only a question: and how to pay? - Why - that at people arises already after all is made, instead of before a critical decision when it is possible to avoid unpleasant consequences. Before taking the credit, it is necessary to think, place seriously priorities, having responded itself to a question: what for you it is more important, material assets or peace of mind and well-being?

If the person cannot get rid of persuasive desire to spend money, he should be converted to the psychologist. The expert will be engaged with it individually or in group of people with the same problems.


the New international passport without the old will not issue

In half a year will expire period of validity of my international passport. One of these days I plan to hand over documents for registration of the new passport. But can happen so that within a month while will make out the new document, I need to fly for couple of days abroad. A leah prompt, please, I have is right to leave to myself the old international passport for a while, yet I will not receive the new?

Irina Nikolaeva, Severomorsk.

Unfortunately, at you such right is not present. As have explained in management of federal migratory service of Russia on Murmansk area, the law does not suppose registration of the new passport without withdrawal before given out if term of its action has not expired. Thus, handing over documents on the new international passport, you are obliged to give and the old operating passport.


Have sold shaurmu with a worm!

- In one of shops in Kohl I have bought shaurmu. Has bitten off - and there a worm! Naturally, I have gone to return it. Sellers before me have apologised, have told that do not know, how such could happen, and have given money. Working life at shaurmy has not expired. To whom to be converted in such situation? Or I needed to leave shaurmu that was what to show to experts?

Marina Anatolevna, Kola.

As to us have told in Rospotrebnadzore, most likely, the worm is a larva of a dark blue meat fly. Usually such flies fly on a meat smell, and is now hot. And the goods quite could be fresh. You can write the reference to territorial department Koly by phone (81553 33053, its address: Kola, Mironov`s prospectus, 16. The reference should not be anonymous. There it will register: in which shop when also that have got. Experts will go and will find out, a leah is there flies, mice, rats and etc., in general, will check up a sanitary status. It is not obligatory to show itself shaurmu. Within a month they are obliged to give you the answer, to inform on results of check and about the accepted measures.