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Barcelona - 92: Logvinenko has shot - there are two gold!

games in Barcelona were the first after disintegration of Soviet Union. Sportsmen of 12 republics of the former USSR acted as a part of the Incorporated command. Rewarding ceremonies played the Olympic hymn.

In Barcelona on the bill rostovchan there were 5 gold medals: Vladimir Pyshnenko took the higher award in swimming, Kahi Kahiashvili and Victor Tregubov - in weightlifting. But independently there is a brilliant performance on Marina Logvinenko`s Games which competed in shooting. The sportswoman from Mines took two gold - from a pneumatic and sports pistol.

On a broader scale - that, under all forecasts of Logvinenko should win a gold medal on Games - 84. It then owned all records of the world and Europe. But the Soviet national team for the political reasons in Los - Andzheles has not gone. By the way, at alternative competitions Friendship Marina has shown results much better, than champions of Games.

On the following Olympic Games - in Seoul - Logvinenko took only bronze. Why only ? Because again Marina was strongest in the Allied national team, on her name all known records have been copied. However before the Olympic Games of the doctor have solved sdedat from it the absolute champion and have forced to go on Games in a status of early pregnancy. Here it is necessary to make small deviation.

In sports there is a term - compulsory pregnancy . The matter is that on early terms of pregnancy in   a female organism the substance under the name horionichesky gonadotropin the person which operates as a growth hormone,   is developed; is considerably improves a physical status of the woman.

Moreover, in   pregnancy time amplifies blood circulation, level androgenov and   raises; Hormones, the respiratory volume and   increases; pulmonary ventilation, collects fiber.

All it wonderfully meets requirements of those sports, achievements in   which depend in   the first stage from   aerobic endurance - that   there are races, swimmings, flat skis, rowing. However to use new metodoj have hastened and   experts in   other sports disciplines.

In particular, in shooting. As a result in two days after an arrival to Seoul, at Logvinenko the terrible toxicosis has begun. She has grown thin for 13 kgs! As a result - only bronze. Here to you and a new technique...

Marina`s Hour of triumph has punched in Barcelona - 92. On the second Games to it was not equal. Here only to award winners and prize-winners of the Incorporated national team... Have forgotten. Justice has been restored only in 2000 when Vladimir Putin has published the corresponding decree.  

next Monday, on July, 14th, we will tell about performance of our sportsmen on the Olympic Games of 1994 in Athenes. Do not pass!    

ON the NOTE ]

Medallists of last years

the Olympic Games - 52, Helsinki - Ivan Udodov (weightlifting) - gold .
the Olympic Games - 56, Melbourn - Valery Nikolays (Greek - the Roman struggle) - gold ; the Lion Mukhin (boxing), Victor Zubkov, Michael Semenov (both is basketball) - silver Anatoly Lagetko (boxing) - bronze .

the Olympic Games - 64, Tokyo - Alexey Vahonin, Rudolf Pljukfelder (both is tjazhnlaja athletics), Valery Kalachihin (volleyball) - gold Victor Kravchenko (track and field athletics) - bronze .
the Olympic Games - 68, Mexico City, - Nikolay Jakovenko - silver Ivan Kochergin - bronze (both is struggle).

the Olympic Games - 72, Munich - Vasily Alekseev (weightlifting), Lyudmila Turishcheva (sports gymnastics) - gold Nikolay Jakovenko (struggle) - silver Vladimir Kondra, Efim Chulak (both is volleyball) - bronze .

the Olympic Games - 76, Montreal - Lyudmila Turishcheva, Svetlana Grozdova (both is sports gymnastics), Vasily Alekseev, Nikolay Kolesnikov, David Rigert (all - weightlifting), Love Careful (handball) - gold Vladimir Tikhonov (sports gymnastics), Lyudmila Turishcheva - silver Lyudmila Turishcheva, Leonid Nazarenko (football) - bronze .

the Olympic Games - 80, Moscow -   Lyudmila Kondratyev (track and field athletics),   Yury Kashirin (cycling), Natalia Shaposhnikova (gymnastics), Victor Asmaev, Nikolay Korolkov, Yury Salnikov (all - equestrian sport) - gold, Sergey Litvinov (track and field athletics), Evgenie Barbakov (boat racing), Nikolay Korolkov - silver, Sergey Andreev (football), Boris Kramarenko (struggle), Yury Salnikov, Natalia Shaposhnikova.
the Olympic Games - 84, - Andzheles - In Games in the USA the Soviet national team of participation did not accept Los.
the Olympic Games - 88, Seoul - Igor Sklyars (football), Sergey Litvinov (track and field athletics) - gold, Gennady Prigoda (swimming) - silver, Lyudmila Kondratyev, Tamara Bykova (both is track and field athletics), Gennady Prigoda, Natalia Lapitsky, Natalia Morskova (both is handball), Marina Logvinenko (shooting) - bronze.

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