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As rostovchanam to behave on interview at employment

- I In search of the employee the Rostov companies a little than differ from others, - the manager of personnel agency tells Ekaterina DMITRIEV. - At first search through familiar, and then already advertise.

in the latter case the competitor has a possibility to show the talent and resource. First of all, the person should understand that it is impossible to be late for a meeting with the employer, refusal differently is guaranteed.

Other important detail - clothes. The impression about the person develops in the first seconds of acquaintance therefore carefully concern clothes choice in which you will come on a meeting. It is better to prefer neutral tones, do not forget to clean footwear and to put in order hair, hands.

- Direct conversation with the employer differs from interview in the personnel centre quantity of questions, in and estimation system, - Ekaterina Dmitriev continues. - however it and possibility to prove.

Try to be as it is possible privetlivee, to questions respond laconically, but it is not terse. Be ready to that will ask you about marital status, private life and plans for the future, for example, at the woman can take an interest in desire to give birth to the child.

One more important detail - gestures. During answers try not to gesticulate especially. As you understand, in the majority the nurtured and vigorous employee therefore become them is necessary to the employer: hold a back directly, do not suffice subjects from a table to occupy hands, try not to finger clothes also.

the Most unsuccessful pose - with the crossed feet and hands as it expresses disagreement and refusal to take part in conversation.

After a meeting do not shower the interlocutor with faxes and do not call too often. Excessive reminders on in some companies can be conceived as persistence. And even if you on perfectly have passed interview, refusal can follow.

Remember that if you are interesting to a management of the given company, they or by means of the personnel centre on you necessarily leave. We wish successes!


the Most widespread errors

* the Use of general phrases and stamps at answers to questions of the interviewer. The matter is that the concrete information is necessary to your interlocutor to learn, how much you approach.

* Excessive frankness in conversation with the interviewer. It is not necessary to tell details from the childhood, or how long you search for work.

* to Tell a lie, is more exact - to bluff. It is not necessary to convince that at you it is a lot of offers that is why it is necessary to learn as soon as possible about result of interview. Such trick does not pass for a long time already.

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