Rus News Journal

In the Rostov region flash kongo is fixed - Crimean gemorragicheskoj fevers

on July, 7th

on June, 24th on old style

are put in operation railway Ilovajsk sites - Taganrog and Taganrog - Rostov.

the Turkish squadron has broken by Taganrog to Rostov and has fired at a city from ship tools.

For this date in Rostov it has been registered only two cars of the domestic production which has been let out Russian - the Baltic factory.

structure Severo - the Caucasian edge with the centre in Rostov included Severo - Osset and Ingush joint-stock company.

In Taganrog amphibian Be tests - 6 have begun.

In a village of the Regional Ivsky Rostov region flash kongo - Crimean gemorragicheskoj fevers is fixed.