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Where the evil spirit is found in Rostov

Today a feast of a summer solstice, day of Ivan Kupaly - one of the most important pagan deities. It is considered that in the night from 6 for July, 7th all evil spirit becomes more active: leshie, house, witches who bring troubles to people. You believe or not, but in different areas of Rostov when - or there were strange things to which do not have an explanation and to the present day. Together with ufologists we have revealed the most abnormal places of a city.

- In Rostov there are enough places, where “ not all is pure “ - Andrey the POLICEMAN, the head of service of the abnormal phenomena has told at Severo - the Caucasian branch of the International academy of information and applied ufology . - If you hear at night strange sounds which simulate presence of the person at your house, it speaks about evil spirit presence. Evil ghosts at times behave inconsiderately: They move and break furniture, knock on walls, arrange water and fiery fountains, abduct things. The poltergeist gravitates to old constructions, but at the same time easily can be shown and in the newcomer just occupied devjatietazhke.

Each message on the abnormal phenomenon is carefully checked by employees of service on corresponding database. Further by your inquiry ufologists come to you and spend gaugings of an electromagnetic field, torsionnyh fields and of some other physical parametres in a place of abnormal activity. Also for its definition and elimination parapsychological methods are used.

- Dear, it is my wreath has foretold us love!


Green island

the Islet in the middle of Don for a long time “ is famous “ sosredotochiem the mysterious and inexplicable phenomena. Eyewitnesses assert that at night here it is possible to observe “ vedminy sparks “ shone panels, spheres, the humanoid silhouettes wandering between trees. Do not exclude also existence on island leshih, frights and other evil spirits. The green island with its dense vegetation, thin population and sufficient remoteness from a city already became for a long time a habitual venue of magical and magic ceremonials.

- Steer clear of strongly overgrown and marshy places, listen attentively to itself and at the first unconscious sensation of alarm leave island, - experts of the centre of the abnormal phenomena advise .

the Lane Halturinsky (Lenin area)

In 1997 in pjatietazhke on Halturinsky every day about 18. 00 from walls started to beat water fountains. And the water blackout in all house could not stop this strange thing which lasted within a month, but then has suddenly stopped.

the Lane Ochakovsky (the Kirov area)

- Some years ago at once all television aerials at night were gone in seven houses on a lane Ochakovsky, and in the morning - broken and pognutye - were found out in a court yard of one of neighbour`s houses, - Andrey Gorodovoj tells. - about two weeks the unknown spirit stole aerials, broke them and left in the same place.


- In one of houses on Voenvede the poltergeist liked to open at night all cranes and to include lighting devices, - have told to us in the Rostov centre of the abnormal phenomena. - also inhabitants quite often complained of steps at night, knocks, poskripyvanija and movings of small subjects. Inhabitants felt presence of invisible people, a smell of cigarettes, the alcohol, expensive perfumery to which had no place to undertake in apartment.

the Western microdistrict

Dancings round a fire - the main sacramental kupalskoj nights.

- every night we woke up from strange sounds as if on the house went some persons and shook a chandelier, - spouses Irina and Michael Eremeevy from street Linear remember. - and next morning we could not be counted mugs and teaspoons, they where - that disappeared. As a result from all service in which was on six tableware of each kind, four knifes and as much teaspoons have disappeared. First nobody believed us, but soon neighbours too began to hear strange sounds at night. So proceeded all the summer long 2003. Soon we have sold apartment and have got over on Selmash, since then anything similar in our new apartment, fie - fie, done not happen.



From feast history

*Εωε in pre-Christian time slavs celebrated a feast of Kupajla, that is the Sun. By merge of Christian and pagan traditions Ivan Kupaly`s feast also was formed. At night on the eve of Ivan Kupaly girls lower on river waves wreaths with the lighted candles (twist wreaths from Ivan - yes - Mari, a burdock, bogoroditskoj grasses). If the wreath sinks at once, means, the promised has stopped loving and in marriage for it not to leave. At whom the wreath will long float, that will be happier than all, and at whom the candle will long lose, that will live long - predolguju life.

*Β day of Ivan Kupaly tried to be healed by dew. For this purpose it is necessary to rise as soon as possible and to walk barefoot on dew. kupalskaja the grass types special curative force to sunrise. From here and a by-word: “ Who early rises, and God gives to that! “.
*Ερλθ this night a flower Ivan - yes - Mari to enclose in house corners the thief will not approach to the house: the brother (yellow and violet tsvetki plants) between themselves will talk to the sister, and to the thief will seem that talk the owner with hozjajkoju.


“ All these “ anomalies “ - full nonsense “

Michael ANISHIN, the senior lecturer of stand of radio physics JUFU:

- All these “ anomalies “ - full nonsense which does not give in to any logic. The person himself possesses a biomagnetic field and can influence subjects. Even if you take a wire in hands, and it will begin at you on a palm to rotate, it yet does not say that you are in an abnormal zone. Your biomagnetic field has the force. Devices with which spend gaugings of electromagnetic fields, happen different, but them measure a radio range, instead of abnormal zones. And the idea torsionnyh fields is only the theory which exists many years, but till now by any facts is not proved.


the Poltergeist Julia LOBAHINA searched.
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