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Evgenie NIKORA: With corruption we will struggle by means of the Internet

  the Speaker of the regional Duma has summed up a legislative season

    the Murmansk regional Duma took a time - a miss till the autumn and has left on vacation. On the eve of holiday Evgenie Nikora, the speaker of regional parliament, has invited journalists to a press - conference. And as Evgenie Viktorovich has just returned from Legislative Council session where president Dmitry Medvedev it is clear took part that conversation has begun with it.

  you Give the official with high EFFICIENCY!

  Conversation with the president went about corruption. Harm this old, but recipes on eradication of an infection Dmitry Medvedev has advised to use the advanced.

- the President has underlined that there should be an information openness of the power, - Evgenie Nikora has told. - A maximum of data on the state services it should be published in the Internet.

it Concerns in total from the announcement of competitions on performance of municipal orders before reception of social grants. The logic is simple: to block to the unscrpulous official oxygen. The more people know about the rights, about an access order to privileges, services and other, the it is less at the official of possibilities zavolokitit any decision and to receive a bribe for assistance.

the Individual question - the legislation, and our laws, as it is known, that dyshlo Them it is necessary to correct so that to possibility of double expounding does not remain.

- It is necessary to develop a package of anticorruption laws, and to make it till the end of the year, - the speaker has quoted will of the president. - I, in turn, have already given commissions to correct plans of work of the Duma for autumn.

Evgenie Nikora: All of us, deputies, we will be engaged in fight against corruption, and, I would count for honour this work to head
the Photo: Lyudmila SHEKA

One of the main thoughts which have sounded on Advice -   it is necessary to reduce army of officials, crowds of idlers to disperse, having left only hardworking professionals with the maximum EFFICIENCY. Aspires everywhere where probably to introduce a principle one window . Only so it is possible to reduce corruption level really.

  In polar parliament - corruption is not present

  But we will return from the Moscow heights on the Murmansk earth. Here again in corruption questions our power is not always unanimous with the power federal. For example, in a situation with the statement the first zamom governor Boris Vorobeva.

Yury Evdokimov has told that Vorobevu trusts, and has asked the Duma to support a nominee of the applicant. The prosecutor of the region has acted sharply against, and even has demanded from investigatory committee to file criminal charges on the official. The Duma has supported the governor.

Questions of journalists on this situation has not kept itself waiting.

- Consider incorrect to make comments on the given information, law enforcement bodies will understand, - Evgenie Viktorovich has told. However, has added that does not see gross infringements in actions of Vorobeva when that was mayor Zaozerska. By this period in life of the official the Office of Public Prosecutor makes a complaint. Infringements have supposedly occurred during the period razmytosti the federal legislation.

- When I worked on the Kola atomic power station,   Me too tried to institute criminal proceedings that we not completely paid taxes, - the speaker has remembered. - time was such, money did not suffice even for the salary.

- a leah suspect whom from the colleagues in korruptsionnosti? - Journalists were not appeased, meaning, what time corruption has pierced all society than Murmansk is better?  

the Head of parliament has assured that in our Duma he suspects nobody of untidiness. And if in initiatives of separate deputies and the raised degree korruptsiogennosti " will be seen; reaction will follow immediately.

- All of us, deputies, we will be engaged in fight against corruption, and, I would count for honour this work to head, - Evgenie Nikora has told.

  For half a year - 41 law

  In the end of dialogue have summed up. From the beginning of year the Duma has considered over 300 questions and 85 bills. 41 law has come into force. Murmansk deputies have brought 6 projects of federal laws in the State Duma, having given particular attention to the law on fishery.

- the Considerable part of bills has been devoted the decision of social problems, - Evgenie Nikora has underlined, having noted in particular the law About measures of social support of invalids About veterans of work of Murmansk area . Over these documents have seriously worked, having increased quantity of northerners getting under their actions.

However, works still a plenty. But it is all in the autumn. And now legislators gather in holiday.

- I want to go to Ural Mountains to parents, and then with the spouse to Greece in the Summer, - Evgenie Nikora has shared with personal plans.