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In Rostov five drivers will appear before court

Now jokes about ispektorov - bribe takers are not actual, it is time to compose already bajki about drivers who try to solve a question on a place . As have informed in investigatory management of investigatory committee at Regional Office of Public Prosecutor, in court affairs of a five rostovchan are passed. All of them are threatened with punishment from the large penalty before imprisonment. And in Gukovo the show trail over the assistant to the local businessman has already taken place. All has occurred at a sign Movement is forbidden under which the careless driver has driven.

Having understood that to it threatens, the man has arrived traditionally - has offered 400 roubles for nesostavlenie the report and, accordingly, neprivlechenie to administrative responsibility. But the inspector of GAI has gone on a principle and has informed on it in corresponding instance. In court the driver categorically denied the fault and the payoff fact, but arguments of the employee in shape have appeared vesomee. The court recognised the local resident guilty and has appointed the penalty in 100 thousand roubles. Now in small Gukovo, probably, hundred thousand times will think before to offer money to the militiaman.

Along with it there is a reasonable question: And how employees of GAI? Really they warm and fuzzy? .

- 11 criminal cases are got concerning employees of traffic police, from them third - for bribes, - have informed us in the regional Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, and have then explained that these facts frequently do not reach criminal case. As soon as complaints to the dishonest inspector start to arrive, it ask to leave at own will, that is why figure of those whom punish, much more the official.


And At this time

In Voroshilovsky area of Rostov criminal cases are raised in the relation at once three drivers of public transport. Two are accused that they, despite the prevention of the inspector of GAI that it is impossible to leave on a route when on a vehicle wheels of different protectors are established, have continued movement. And the third accuse of transportation bolshego quantity of passengers, than it is necessary.