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Subordinates of the mayor have denounced for bribery

the Present criminal group officials of Zasvijazhsky administration have hammered together. In sight of law enforcement bodies it has got still in 2006 - m. All has begun with delivery of pseudo-permissions to trade in fur-trees in the same disctrict of the city. Then as a result of joint special action of services of FSB and area Office of Public Prosecutor all details of corruption activity of the assistant to the head of Zasvijazhsky area of Sergey ShChavleva, and its subordinates Sergey Belonogov and Michael Karbova have been found out.  

As has established a consequence, in area the whole system criminal " operated; protection to businessmen and the street dealers who do not have special permissions. These people paid for the inviolability to officials a tribute.

- Shchavlev personally instructed improvised, and they, in turn, bypassed street dealers and money demanded from them, - the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of the Ulyanovsk region Vasily has told WINTER.

But if only the businessman refused to give to the official on a paw - every possible checks and the spot-checks blocking work of the businessman further at once fell upon it. In total zamglavy Zasvijazhja with the two employees has filled up the pocket more, than on a half-million of roubles. The Ulyanovsk regional court, a pronouncing sentence, has obliged Shchavleva to pay the penalty for the same sum.

Now the fault of the former assistant to the head of Zasvijazhsky area of Sergey ShChavleva as organizer of criminal group is completely proved. Its court has sentenced to   to 9,5 years of a colony of a high security. And its improvised Sergey Belonogov and Michael Karbova by 7,5 and 3,5 years.  

the Come to the end business of Shchavleva - one of many corruption affairs which have shaken the city power under the direction of Sergey Ermakova. The employee gorarhitektury Victor Surkov has been caught red-handed at bribe reception, assistant Ermakova Ekaterina Morokova is denounced for extortion. With polichnym the head of Zavolzhsky area of Nikolays and its assistant Nechaev is detained. In absence of Ermakova its assistant Anatoly Revenkov has signed the scandalous decision about allocation of the ground areas under Open Company booths Info - the Press which then, after publicity, officials of the mayoralty tried to cancel. Improbable quantity vzjatochnyh scandals has led to that the mayoralty has begun the advertising action There is no corruption! which has ended actually with anything. At least, on any its results of the public it has not been informed. And all essence of the action was reduced to the sticking, printed, probably, for budget money of multi-coloured leaflets of not clear maintenance.

the Corruption statistics says what the mayor of Ulyanovsk Sergey Ermakov badly supervises a situation, does not know (and, can, to the contrary knows?!) than its subordinates in free from execution of functions time are engaged. And sluzhennye duties, judging by criticism of the governor, subordinated Ermakova carry out worse than ever. How much it still will last, it is not known. According to political scientists, with each next corruption scandal in the mayoralty, at Ermakova chances dosidet till the end of term of the powers in an armchair of the mayor decrease. Hardly the new plenipotentiary of the President general Rapota will easy look at how municipal officials plunder a city and gather businessmen.