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SHtokman becomes the locomotive of the Russian economy?

- I in mining industry work 40 years, but such grandiose and difficult projects   as Shtokman yet did not see, - its chairman Leonid Vajsberg has declared in Murmansk at session of Mountain advice.

Mountain advice is an advisory body gornjatskogo communities - scientists, production workers, officials, businessmen. Everything falls under its attention that is extracted from bowels of Russia. And to its recommendations listen both the authorities, and business. Couple of years back advice gathered in Kirovsk, considered industrial complex problems Apatite . This time eminent geologists of Severo - the West were involved with the beginning of development of the Shtokmanovsky deposit in Arctic regions. They name its event of a world scale for which it is necessary to be prepared seriously.

- When we approach to the absolutely not not touched and not so studied deposit, responsibility for our actions raises in tens times, - has continued Vajsberg. - There after all it is necessary to create unprecedented, as a matter of fact, a space infrastructure! Miscalculations will lead kollosalnym to expenses.

That it would not occur, the chairman of Mountain advice recommended to developers of a deposit to spend at first qualitative geological researches of a bottom of Barents sea in area Shtokmana. And still advice suggests to recognise Shtokman national geological mega - the project. After all it, as the locomotive, will pull behind itself(himself) many branches of national economy - shipbuilding, an infrastructure, mechanical engineering, information technologies, metallurgy. For example, under   SHtokman it began necessary to create and master manufacture of special stamps which will provide long work of surface and diving extracting platforms.

However is among geologists and those who is sceptical about the project. Soil for disputes podpityvajut future and more unknown difficulties. Among   sceptics there was, for example, Oleg Mnatsakanjan, the general director of the company Arktikmorneftegazrazvedka . Experts AMGR have opened more 20 years ago Shtokman. They podchitali its approximate stocks also have put them on the state account, thereby, having fixed raw materials to Russia. And so, earlier Oleg Mnatsakanjan believed in fast development of Shtokmana, and now names itself the pessimist.

- I have doubts   - when it will be? At my life, or at my grandsons? - Asks a question of Mnatsakanjan. - Political - that the will is, but it is clear nothing with expenses for the project. We heard different figures - at first 24 billion dollars, then 28. And can also all 40 billion?

However, the people responsible for realisation of the project, prefer not to notice the doubting. Here, for example, as has answered a question on sceptics Alexander Selin,     former the first vitse - the governor of Murmansk area, and nowadays the head of department on organizational - technical   to support of the Shtokmanovsky project of Open Company Sevneftegaz .

- I something am not informed - that for sceptics? The laymans, wishing to participate in all problems at us certainly it is a lot of. I precisely know that those experts that are engaged in the project, consider that it not idle time. But they believe in success!

So pessimists, seemingly, any more will not break plans Gazprom which together with Frenchmen and Norwegians undertook development of Shtokmana. They have already created the company which starts to prepare tehniko - an economic estimation of efficiency of the project. The termination of this work is planned for autumn of 2009. And then it becomes clear - a leah costs ovchinka manufactures? However, according to Alexander Selina even if foreigners will be frightened of difficulties and will refuse to work further, Gazprom will master all the same Shtokman. Because for the present not extracted gas of this deposit is already brought in balance of the future export deliveries of the power giant!