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On what the single father

- Hello has the right in Yaroslavl, I one nurture gruduju a daughter, incomes at me are insignificant. Tell, what privileges to me are put?


Evgenie, under the Labour code, single fathers can count on the same guarantees and privileges, as women. It:

- restriction on works at night and overtime works;

- restriction on attraction to works in target and non-working holidays;

- restriction on a direction in official journeys.

you have the right on:

- granting of additional holidays;

-   an establishment of preferential modes of work.

If you decide to get a job on conditions   incomplete working hours, record about it in the work record card do not do. Incomplete working hours can be established both without term restriction, and on any term convenient for you. For example, before achievement by the child of certain age or before departure for vacation to the grandmother and etc.

In the order on an establishment of incomplete working hours it is necessary to specify:

- work term in such mode;

- duration of working hours;

- a mode of work within the working day or week taking into account your wish.

you can apply and for holiday on care of the child.

Certainly, you have the right and to a monthly birth grant.

And it agree decisions of the mayor,   you as can receive address material aid. For this purpose it is necessary   to submit to territorial administration in a residence:

- the statement of the established form on reception of address material aid;

- the documents confirming a difficult reality situation (for example, copies of bills about payment of medical services);

- the passport or the document, its replacing;

- the data confirming your incomes.

your statement will be rassmotrenno   within fifteen days. Probably, it is necessary to accept on a visit the commission which will check up how you live.   further the commission or will make the decision on rendering to you of the help, or will give out motivirovannyj refusal.