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In the Tula area will capitally repair 224 apartment houses

Today administration   the Tula area and gosudarstvennajakorporatsija “ Fund of assistance to reforming housing - municipal services “ have signed the contract odolevom financing of major repairs of apartment houses.  

- to contract Signing the big and laborious work preceded, - governor Vyacheslav Dudka has told. - the limit predostavlenijafinansovoj supports for our region makes 3 billion 188 million roubles. Egoraschityvali it is proportional dolezhilishchnogo fund of the Tula area in a total area zhilfonda in RossijskojFederatsii as of January, 1st 2007 .

Into the demand from our province have entered 7 municipal unions which have executed uslovijafederalnogo of the law:
- Don,
- Malahovskoezaoksky area,
- Pronsky Kimovsky area,
- Sokolnikinovomoskovsky area,
- Novomoskovsk,
- Shchekinskijrajon,
- Jasnogorsky area.

Under the presented demand volume finansirovanijakapitalnogo repair of apartment houses in territory Tula oblastisostavljaet 176,8 million Roubles, from them Fund means - 116,6 million roubles, means of local budgets - 51,4 million roubles, means TSZH, sobstvennikovpomeshcheny - 8,8 million roubles.

On this money it is planned to repair capitally 224ģķīćīźāąšņčšķūõ houses.

it is especially important for the Tula area that finansovajapodderzhka at the expense of Fund means goes not only on capital remontmnogokvartirnyh houses, but also on resettlement of inhabitants of Tula from emergency zhilishchnogofonda.

In available housing structure in territory of area the share shabby iavarijnogo habitation makes more than 6 %, basically, it is passed from predprijatijugolnoj to branch and represents rather invaluable available housing of barrack-type type.

- Forces of region the problem of resettlement from shabby habitation dares under the regional target program “ Resettlement of citizens from shabby iavarijnogo available housing in the Tula area on 2002 - 2010 “. Money on which goes from the area budget. And ainansovaja podderzhkav this question from the federal budget for region it is very important.

Now administration of the Tula area pristupilak to preparation of the second demand for that to our region have given financial support for schetsredstv Fund in which two will be included regional adresnyeprogrammy: on carrying out kapitalnogoremonta apartment houses; on resettlement of citizens from emergency zhilishchnogofonda. It plan to bring it on Fund consideration in August of this year.

- D opolnitelnoe financing of the Tula area naprovedenie major repairs of apartment houses and resettlement of citizens izavarijnogo habitation will allow to fill up considerably budgets munitsipalnyhobrazovany region, - has underlined the general director gosudarstvennojkorporatsii “ Fund of assistance to reforming housing - municipal services “ Konstantin Tsitsin .