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Bush named Medvedev « the sensible guy »

the Most beautiful Japanese island Hokkaido to leaders of the countries G8 to see at once it was not possible - such dense fog that in twenty metres it`s pitch dark has gone down.

the Majority of participants have arrived Sunday afternoon and by helicopters have flown in hotel Windsor . And Bush`s command for some time has paralysed city airport Titose because could not be unloaded and release a strip in any way.

Dmitry Medvedev with the spouse has arrived on the summit on the night of Sunday from Astana. The Russian president has lodged on the seventh floor Windsor in number issued in it is grey - beige tones in style of Japanese laconicism.

yesterday in the morning at breakfast members G8 have invited To the first meeting also several heads of the African states, because one of summit subjects - the help to Africa.

As it there was Dmitry Medvedev`s first summit as the president, frau Merkel undertook to sponsor it, probably, as its best acquaintance here. Bush as usual patronising pulled out on backs, shoulders, holkam Africans, but here Italian Berlusconi has approached to it and on pleasures so has dashing set it on a shoulder that Bush hardly has not flown away to silent Africans.

Leaders G8 solved problems of hungry Africa behind table magnificently covered with Japanese viands.

Besides Africa (the help to it has already managed to the countries the eights in 200 million dollars), leaders will discuss the warming of a climate called by emissions of carbonic gas by manufactures, financial and food crises, power security. Many participants the eights disturb the prices torn upwards for oil and gas.

At the summit   exchange opinions, but any radical documents, as a rule, is not accepted. G8 Is such elite debatable club.

the Press enter into hotel Windsor on cellars. Today, to get on a bilateral meeting of our president, we had to pass not only three verifying cordons under a torrential rain, but also to pass, apparently, kilometres of deaf vaults.

In one the old furniture has been fallen down, in other there were garbage tanks, in the third - dirty ware. And in one zakutke - any strange pots similar on night. We observed unloading of fish products (it would be desirable to believe, fresh because we had time to become impregnated through with a fish smell while wandered on vaults.

we here Have met cheerful Italian journalists whom, passing by garbage compartments, discussed that there lies: a pizza, paste, a mozzarella? Susi - the passing by Japanese a little has with insult prompted.

But all this underground wrong side remained unknown to visitors Windsor . When those would know, from what rubbish

Above today were engaged in a big-times politics. Dmitry Medvedev met confidentially George Bush - as though in its territory, in the big hall given under meetings of the American president (the hall for the Russian negotiations has appeared much less, but Americans always were famous for the pressing forward to beat out to itself all more).

Medvedev and Bush have spoken minutes on forty longer planned. Critical moments   in conversation was much. Bush has blamed Medvedev that Russia offends Georgian Saakashvili. On what Medvedev has responded that Russia is adjusted on normalisation of relations with Georgia, has made positive steps, but reciprocal actions, sufficient will from mister Saakashvili has not seen.

Bush, the person, as it is known, ignoring legal ceremonies, already in the beginning of negotiations has thrown a foot on a foot.   Medvedev has thought and, not to sit in a pose of the schoolboy before the liberated American, has made the same.

At this meeting he does not intend was in what to concede to Americans. Medvedev spoke with Bush about the American ABM in Europe much. For Americans the new Russian president has appeared is not more compliant at all Putin. Medvedev has reminded Bush about the promise to make process transparent (that is opened, for example, to start up the Russian military men on objects. - a bus) .

the Russian president has voiced the negative relation to negotiations of America with Lithuania about placing of bases of interceptor missiles (the information on it has already filtered into the press). it is unacceptable For Russia - Medvedev has told.

-   There are questions on which we move, - the Russian president has noticed. - Iran, the North Korea. And there are questions on which we have stood - for example, the ABM, the European problematics. But at desire we have a possibility to agree on these subjects, - has sent an optimistical signal to Americans the Russian president.

-   With George to work to us it is comfortable, - Medvedev, -   has concluded; I hope, so will be and with those who will come in the stead of present administration.

-   I in six months leave, - Bush has informed. - but we can have time to agree across Iran that he has refused the nuclear weapon.

Americans would like across Iran, and here Russia it is more important than the ABM, developed at our borders.

-   Dmitry - the clever guy, - has estimated the Russian president Bush. - it is well familiar with foreign policy questions. Sometimes politicians tell one, and mean another. To me it is pleasant that when Dmitry speaks something, it it and means, even if we disagree.

Today Medvedev has carried on also negotiations with German chancellor Merkel. Relations with Germany he named exclusively productive . And frau has reminded that in the summit agenda there is a subject, where at Russia and Germany disagreements: gas. Because one party sells gas, and another buys, and it is necessary to discuss, as it will be further.

Let`s make it - Medvedev has smiled. And then we have heard from frau a phrase, which povergla in amazement: With you it was good - she has told on - nemetski and has repeated on - russki.

the Press for some seconds has run into a stupor, having thought that it concerned its interlocutor. And then journalists, without hesitating of leaders, began to neigh loudly.

It has appeared, delicate frau thus has asked the press to relieve them with the president of the presence that they could talk alone.

And then there was a meeting with the French president Sarkozy. The Frenchman looked sad, probably because his wife - the beauty Charles Bruni`s model, Sarkozy recently become madam, has flatly refused to go to Japan. It had affairs more important in Paris. The husband has departed to Hokkaido one.

Medvedev has told Sarkozy that appreciates its congratulation in 12 hours after election on fast: Such things are not forgotten . Also has expressed hope that during the presidency of France in the European Union work on the agreement between the European Union and Russia will begin.

Sad Sarkozy has assured that will do the utmost, that Europe and Russia could adjust fruitful relations. We need Russia which works for the decision of world problems . We hour back   in it here also were engaged - Medvedev has smiled.

Japan, an island of Hokkaido.