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As I joined to progressive to fate

In   days off in Syktyvkar has passed fate - festival the North mjuzik show .   the Concert of such scale in our city is spent for the first time, a leah therefore it is necessary to speak, as local admirers of fate were delighted. 23 groups of Vorkuta, Syktyvkar, Kirov and other cities entertained two days youth. The mayoralty has certainly resolved a concert, even has acted as one of organizers, but a venue has defined far away from a city - just in case. Only in the first day before a scene on skiing lodge the Dynamo have gathered about two thousand persons. The correspondent could not pass sign event for our city as it is rare possibility will get acquainted with progressive youth of our city in its native elements.

Shabash of subcultures

To this festival, I sincerely considered that fate I understand - itself yet so a long time was the fan Arius metallics Nirvanas But on fate - concerts it done not happen to happen, truth, naslyshana about it. It is curious to look at it the eyes. Therefore dared - a camera napereves, and forward on skiing lodge the Dynamo ! All admirers of fate there gather for festival.

the City leads the usual life, but it was necessary to pass through tracks - has begun. From a way will get off difficultly - I get to a stream of drunk teenagers, in a hand at everyone poltorashka with beer. Cheerfully rattling metal, they roughly discuss festival. On respectful distance I co-ordinate behind them. The more close we approach, the I hear more clearly - to hysterical I shout a bass - guitars someone`s inarticulate roar is added. For a minute me distracts three-year karapuz with the punk - a crest on a head which conducts black the girl - whether mum, whether the sister Even more often come across extravagantly dressed gotessy, emo with tunnels in ears, metallisty, and ahead - a cordon. The lost militiamen deafened by music with interest observe of decorated drunk another`s children and pray to all gods that their child has not come here.

it is a lot of and usual townspeople, but they listen to music not so much, how much consider passing by masterpieces gothic styles. And, as a rule, for a long time are not late.

I Approach to a scene - and a head around. No, not from music, it is more similar to plagiarism of the songs which have become already cult, and from creation which without restraint jumps on a scene. Under a shock of long hair there should be a person - define it exclusively on the bent knees, the hoarse roar without words throughout minutes of ten beats on ears. Interesting, who the author of so original text?!

We the small do not sell beer!

Rokery have come for a long time, some even with tents. Round a platform summer cafes where sell beer, appetizer are broken, on the other hand fry shish kebabs. Tables, benches are established, but the majority sits on a grass or on the spat asphalt. For a minute I turn around - the leader easily covers youth with a floor-mat from a scene, adult britogolovye rokery approvingly nod. I approach to a stall:

- And unless it is authorised to sell alcohol here? - I am interested.

- What alcohol? At us only beer! - the lovely blonde categorically declares and tastefully uses foul language, looking at the neigbour.

- And we the minor do not sell! - that cut off.

- Under the passport age define? - I do not lag behind.

- Yes them and so it is visible. At us it is expensive -   they in a city run.

And around there is no place to step from plastic bottles, among them the dumbfounded woman wanders and looks around for the child. And in any way does not find

Kirovchane have lighted

On the priest - concerts the people come off, here - kolbasitsja, I have understood now in what a difference! Telodvizhenija young creations at first seem strange, then suddenly osenjaet are they so dance! Incline heads and shake hair, guys so simply jump against each other. Has reached before only when visitors from Kirov have stepped on the stage. If earlier similar units, now - all, who not bald were fond.

behind the familiar girl - got Unexpectedly flies up:

- It is cool, yes?! The present punk - fate!

- Well, - I smile, considering it prikid. It does not hesitate, with pleasure poses on the chamber though earlier I could not prevail upon it on a picture in any way. In a hand it is obvious not the first cocktail bank.

- Vashche class music when still so we will gather! - also has escaped.

By again there passes lost absolutely someone`s mum, already does not cry nearly, convulsively compresses a mobile phone in hands

Youth is similar to the zombie - in eyes emptiness, whether from drunk, whether from dances . Even more often militiamen interfere with games rokerov - too gone too far fans from crowd deduce.

Around enormous emission young and to nobody the necessary energy which teenagers splash out in the dances the mad shout, drunk fights. They do not have not enough adrenaline - they find it among the: here nobody will reproach a bright make-up, will not look slantwise.

Come off families

Was at festival and a little burnt rokerskih families - with kids they stood at the scene, under columns, attached children to music. Mum with the father on the sly pulled beer, and malyshnja - lemonade. With risk to be trampled, the big-eyed miracle periodically went to a campaign behind any brilliant packing which has been not informed to an urn. The careful parental hand in shipovannom a bracelet returned the child into place.

At last, absolutely contused, I have got out of crowd and have gone home. Has a little sat on a bench on platform: nearby two patrolmen tried to stop youth which obstinately climbed under wheels of moving structures. The already badly thinking people of guys in epaulets in an emphasis did not notice and went as taran forward.

A few having come to, I have moved home with great desire not to come here more. Special progress I have not noticed this youth, and remained the fan pure not too a heavy rock, without everyones the punk - impurity.