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Krasnoyarsk citizens in Day of Ivan Kupaly had not a shower bath

In Krasnoyarsk at date of Ivan Kupaly should pass different cheerful actions. In our city pagan traditions are favourite till now. We on - former have a shower bath water, at times at all without knowing that for our ancestors douche symbolose disposal of illnesses and evil spirit. Children rush along the street with bottles and water pistols, adults pour out water buckets directly from a balcony, and even motorists “ ozdoravlivajut “ the pedestrians passing road. And as fountains suffer affliction … “ Krasky “ in whose conducting are the majority of expensive and technically difficult fountains, directly - taki beg not to take out water from fountains. They break from it.

On Rest island should take place celebratory guljanija with douche. From - for bad weathers a feast have cancelled. And here Kupalsky night, Night created, on weather conditions nobody cancelled. For example, Krasnoyarsk students “ Came off on full “.

- at Night we have bedaubed each other with tooth-paste and have covered with drawings a marker, razveshali on doors of neighbours ridiculous posters, - Ekaterina, the inhabitant of a hostel on the prospectus Free tells. - still someone has moved clothes from drying on a floor more low - in the morning owners long could not find it. However, cruelly nobody joked - all of us - taki support good-neighbourhood.

Results of night created the head of department of maintenance of protection of a public order of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Krasnoyarsk region Alexander Mitjugov has brought today.

- Results of night created have appeared for us positive, - Alexander Nikolaevich has declared. - Small infringements, of course, were present. For example, it was necessary to assort partitioned off proezzhuju a part.   all night long and all the today long streets are supervised by the strengthened police squad. Anybody from townspeople has not incurred a material damage.


“ Ροπΰβκΰ“

That it was accepted to do in olden time at date of Ivan Kupaly:

to Jump through a fire. The flame will not concern - fast wedding, absence of sparks - happy life. If the girl could not jump over fire it could name a witch. And to burn. In the same fire.

On fire to burn clothes of patients for their recover.

Burnt on a fire a stuffed animal of a witch - disposal of evil spirit.

Girls spun wreaths and threw them in the river. Will sink - separation with favourite or the death, will float - by a marriage, to coast will beat - to remain unmarried.

Only this night, on   to a legend, the fern blossomed. The lucky person who has found a flower, received gift to see the hidden treasures.

The more people rustled, the more strongly they frightened off evil ghosts. Was considered that making disgraces, people protected the court yard from evil spirits. Ostensibly, the evil spirits will see that all is pogromed, and will understand that someone from “ the “ already here was.