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“ the Book collection in Omsk

From July, 8 till July, 14th each buyer “ “ can get together with the newspaper the fourteenth volume “ the Book collection - Dzherom K. Dzherom “ three in a boat. Without considering a dog “.

Only 99 rbl. + the newspaper price

Boris GRACHEVSKY, the head of a children`s newsreel “ Jumble “:
- Books for me is all. Understand, after all the book has generated me as the person. I am especially grateful to Maxim Gorkogo`s products. Books of this great writer for me as hrestomatija human destinies. In my house library it is a lot of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky`s books. Mum at me was the librarian, therefore practically I have re-read all classics already in 12 years. Now here I try to attach to reading of the pupils. In my opinion, each formed person should read phenomenal products of classics. And the most favourite my book is Stendal “ Red and black “.

Where it is possible to get books?

In Omsk interested persons can buy 14 - j collection volume together with the newspaper “ “:
• in Open Society booths “ Rospechat “;
• in city post offices;
• in Open Company “ the Press World “: Lenin`s street, 14/ 1;
• in the company “ Omskpress “: pr - t K.Marx, 8;
• at state of emergency of Najda: street of Red Dawns, 4ΰ; pr - t K.Marx, 18/ 8;
• in Open Company “ the HARDWARE “ Rospressa “:   street of Kuibyshev, 132.

Garantirovanno it is possible to get books on 99 roubles in booths on which the sticker - a label " is placed; Here is on sale “ the Book collection “.

In the Omsk region books will be on sale in post offices.

There are the questions connected with “ the Book collection?

Call: (3812 433 - 045, write: raspr@πεδΰκφθθ: street Frunze, 80/ Herzen, 18,
the CURRENT “ the Leader “ 8 - j et., of. 825.

Attention! The passed book is not lost yet!

If you have passed a part “ the Book collection - can get missing books in edition.