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To Omsk Jagr will arrive with the girl-friend - Ms. Police of New York

To Omsk the Czech star will arrive on July, 25th. This day at it the meeting with the command is planned.   while the club management with might and main to prepare for reception of the well-known hockey player. It is known, Jagr will arrive to Omsk with the girl-friend -   Ms. Police of New York .

Enamoured will live in two or three-room apartment. Will be at Jaromira and the personal driver. By what car the Czech will move - while it is not known. However, in this plan of Jagr it is not whimsical. In last arrival to Omsk it first went on usual to Volga . Here and this time the eminent forward has not put forward any special requirements.

For Jagra the main thing not conditions of life, and hockey. To me it also was pleasant to these, - the general manager " speaks; Avant-guard Anatoly BARDIN. - he has told that wants to play Avant-guard And to win victory in the championship, to prove to the whole world that it the class hockey player.

How much Jagr was unpretentious at the contract conclusion -   it is not known. In Omsk the Czech will spend two seasons with possibility of prolongation of the contract for one year. On conditions of the agreement during stages of hockey Eurotour, it will be authorised to Czech to leave for 4 days home - to come to see sick parents. A sum of transaction genmenedzher hawks has refused to name. However according to a site nhl. com, Jaromir in Omsk will receive for two seasons about 7 million dollars the pure. It is approximately equal to that Jagr earned, playing NHL.   in New York it received 11 million dollars, but the tax was subtracted from this sum.

In last arrival of Jagra to Omsk many rivals Avant-guard specially tried to deduce Czech attacking out of operation -   it represents so serious threat by the game. Here and this time it is rumored that on Jaromira the present hunting will be declared.

- a leah I Am afraid, what Jagra specially injure? Yes it let rivals are afraid of it. It can stand for itself(himself). Well and if that at us is to whom to intercede for it - Anatoly Bardin sincerely was surprised.

By the way, arrival of Jagra has called the present resonance not only in Omsk. It is already known that heads of new hockey league prepare for a Czech the offer to become the person of the hockey championship. And some Omsk fans already guess, tickets for hockey, thanks to arrival of the great player how much will rise in price.

Anton Kurjanov about arrival of Jagra: It is assured, in Russia now many envy us

- to Speak about something concrete it will be possible only after arrival of Jagra to Omsk. But arrival of the hockey player of such level - the big good luck. To play with it - it is a pleasure. It is assured, in Russia now many envy us. At Jagra is to that to learn to young hockey players. It will be the present hockey school for them.


Jaromir Jagr - extreme attacking, was born on February, 15th, 1972.
weight - 102 kg. Growth - 191 see

In 1990 zadraftovan NHL. Twice the owner of the Cup Stanley. The Olympic champion of 1998. 9 times received prizes of the best players of NHL.

Played for Omsk Avant-guard in a season 2004 - 2005. It the hammered washer has allowed omicham to win the Cup of the European champions.

Last three years Jaromir played the most popular club of NHL - New York Rejndzhers . In this time became one of the most productive hockey players - has hammered in 119 washers and has given 198 goal passes.