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Dima Bilan otskakal a concert in Sochi

Sochi again hooted in impetuous delight and pride of a city and the country. As it is equal one year ago when for the whole world, at last, declared capital of Winter Olympic and Paralimpijsky games of 2014.

On the same place, at the same o`clock and practically in the same structure. The theatre square at Winter theatre again became as if rubber. At first at opening of the day devoted to anniversary - iks Festival Sochi - 2014 where lighted groups Roots and the City 312 Victoria Dajneko and, of course, the Olympic champions of Russia, where without them... And in the next evening (there was it on July, 4th) inhabitants of Sochi, and even in a greater degree not - inhabitants of Sochi, is active - Dima Bilan [positively entertained video here]!

Toothless, but charming Alexander Ovechkin keeps a secret as marked anniversary of victory of Sochi in the Olympic race.

It as the ambassador of the Olympic demand of Sochi, has given before this concert a press - conference (a photo under article, soon photo gallery and video). However, minutes forty before its occurrence very charming Alexander Ovechkin [photo gallery] was answerable for a two well-known attacking Russian national team on hockey, toothless, but.

Dima Bilan: I believed, as not possible is possible. About it also sang.

- I was not at you from last summer, and now while did not get out anywhere, - the hockey player responded to questions on changes in a city - a resort. - only on a beach was, and it as usual remarkable, warm, and many beautiful girls. And anniversary of the Sochi victory has already noted. As - the big secret.

Dima Bilan: I believed, as not possible is possible. About it also sang.

After significant laughter it became clear that the sportsman the same as also marked the majority of Russians...   by the way, and one year ago Alexander has led as the patriot full of emotions. Who looked then Malakhov`s transfer, for certain remembers, how danced   on a scene Ovechkin and judoist Dmitry Nosov, and behind them - and all the others. That was created at this time in the most excited   national triumph of Sochi, the approached Dima Bilan has told.

Dima Bilan: I believed, as not possible is possible. About it also sang.

- I needed to step on the stage at once behind the announcement of results of voting, and I very much worried, as me will accept, - he spoke, being stirred, as one year ago. - but I sincerely believed, as impossible is possible. About it also has started singing, as it has appeared, as it is impossible by the way. And here like all year has passed, and so much improbable and tremendous victories by all country we have worried together. Also became, probably, even more amicable and solid family.

Bilan and Russia now as a single whole.

It has appeared that Bilan and makes related with sports not only Olympic Games antheming. Dima has told that was engaged in a judo. And when went to school also institute, was the habitue of the every possible sports Olympic Games. And even the record the is available for it.

- In Gnesinke I squatted on one foot pistoletikom without support. Also has made fifty such knee-bends, - the singer playfully bragged. - on last victorious the Eurovision I think, too all zamelili my affinity to sports I and itself not bad skate and try at least time during a season to leave on ice. By the way, I can even do in the fads, without falling, the well-known jump. Yes! After all and these jumps on a scene, than not small sports?!

Behind a word - business. Dima it is really smart otskakal the concert. However, too   quickly. Instead of the declared one and a half hours it flaunted on a scene in a white shirt and grey trousers on braces -   in general, in prikide and - lja I -   in total - those forty minutes. While Dima Bilan practically in a lap finished performance by the last mega - a hit Believe me spectators already also did not look at a scene. Over heads each time   rattled habitual, but; such voshebnyj   salute. Almost as one year ago!

[there is more photo here]

the Theatre square at Winter theatre in Sochi again became as if rubber.