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Date in the history of the Tula edge: on October, 20th

In 1854 , Paul Gavrilovich Tcherkasov, the fisher, the writer, the bibliophile, one of initiators of creation of Russian union of fishers udilshchikov (1903), the first and permanent chairman of its board, the native of Tula 155 years ago was born.

In 1919 Vladimir Lenin has written: Value of Tula now all-important, - and on a broader scale, even irrespective of affinity of the enemy, value of Tula for Republic hugely. Therefore all forces should be strained for amicable work, concentrating all on military and military - supplying work... Work in Tula should be raised very much and translated entirely to the martial law .

In 1929 session of incorporated plenum Tula okruzhkoma and district supervisory commission VKP () has noticed that hlebozagotovitelnaja campaign passes in fierce class struggle at escalating resistance kulachestva, passing in open forms of active counteraction, and in some cases to terror (arsons of collective farms, state farms, villages, attempts at murders, murders) . Plenum has demanded from rural Communist Party organisations to rally bednjatsko - serednjatskie weights for repulse kulachestvu .