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And to you it is entrusted by destiny to preserve in the Tula streets rest

Russian PPS - nikov have solved perevooruzhit
the Tula weapon

on July, 20th to Tula came 1 - j the deputy minister of internal affairs the general - the colonel of militia Michael Suhodolsky. Carrying out of a video conference with all regions of the country was the Main objective of its visit.

After exit meeting Suhodolsky has gone on a training ground it. 40 - letija VDV in Slobodke where to it have shown pride Tula oboronki. However, he has decided not to be limited to usual demonstration, and has personally tried some types of weapon, every time precisely amazing a target. The silent revolver with a laser sight especially was pleasant to the honoured guest.

- the Good piece, - the general - the colonel has countenanced. - for special services just right will approach. Probably, in the future militiamen will arm with the Tula production.
also has promised that in   Our city soon will arrive a commission of experts which on worthiness will estimate it and other types of weapon.

the Song from a serial Streets of the broken lanterns - we Will break an opera




the Buyer has shot at the seller

the Buyer has shot at the seller of shop Eldorado
the Photo: Sergey of OLD MEN

Is history has occurred more recently, but has already flown about the half-countries.
after to inhabitant of Tula Andrey Volkovu have refused the credit in shop Eldorado It has shot at the seller from a traumatic gun the WASP (is more detailed from 29. 10 and a site).

According to employees, Volkova had a bad credit history and for this reason to it have suggested to leave a premise. To the afflicted client, it is visible, such relation was not pleasant. After an attack he has shown a clean pair of heels and has tried to hide at an entrance of the next house. But there it was quickly caught by guards who were called by security guards of shop. Now Wolves is under a subscription about nevyezde. It has employed the paid lawyer and intends to be protected in court.

Fight to game clubs

After in Russia was forbidden by gambling institutions, not all their owners have agreed to obey to a law letter. Till now guards continually find the reorientated institutions, in which   behind a mask of lottery clubs disappear usual one-armed gangsters (the site) is more detailed.

On what only there are no dishonest businessmen. For example, in Jasnogorsky area the game club worked under a signboard 24 hours . At an input inside to the visitor usual lottery terminals opened. At a search it was found out that numbers on electronic plateaus have been erased. From - for it the equipment accessory could not be established. The artful representative of club has suggested to prove that this equipment is game, instead of lottery.

But if in Jasnogorske have reorientated the former gambling institution in Tula on a broader scale have tried to open new game club on Lenin`s prospectus. Even have started to deliver the equipment. But attempt with a crash has failed.

Militiamen did not recognise the musician   from the Spleen

In Tula militiamen did not recognise the musician from the Spleen
the Photo: Irina POTAPOV
In August on Lenin`s area acted known Petersburg fate - group the Spleen .   Before performance musicians had a rest in hostel Indus - Garnik whence to a scene them carried on a minibus. Did it first of all from - for economy of time and security. But one of participants why - that has gone to a concert platform on foot. As a result of the daredevil has detained a vigilant cordon of militiamen. Guards in any did not want to start up the actor to a scene, without having believed that it the participant the Spleen .

Have caught a grief - the poacher

Were for this year and unusual stories. For example, here this. Business was in the winter. The Muscovite has arrived to hunt (naturally, without the licence) in the Tula wood. Good luck has smiled to it, and it has hit an elk. Having cut the hulk of an unfortunate animal, it has fast disappeared from a scene of crime. But in a hurry has not noticed that, being developed on the to the Field it it is accurate pripechatal a snowdrift licence plate! With the same success it could leave to inspectors the passport or   cut-away. Naturally, to find a grief - the hunter it is possible. Under item 258 p.1 the item and Illegal hunting with causing of a large damage it have fined   on 41 550 roubles.