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With dream and intuition - in police officers

... Under each word of a known song about the service, which both it is dangerous, and it is difficult, but, at first sight, as though it is not visible the senior representative OVD on October area of Stavropol Alexey Bunin is ready to subscribe personally. all indeed - he speaks.

And it is valid, the criminals committing loud crimes, as a rule, are known by name and in the person by all country. And here operupolnomochennyh which with risk for own life, without days off and in any weather of these criminals catch, at the best it is once mentioned in newspapers or on the TV. Nevertheless on complexity of performed work the criminal investigation department hardly probable is comparable with any other department of militia. Here deal with the heaviest and confused crimes - robberies, the robberies, heavy mutilations and murders. Though an opera to the work for a long time already have got used and any more do not notice difficulties. For example, on a question, than Alexey Bunin should be engaged as the senior operupolnomochennogo a criminal investigation department, he has simply responded: Disclosing of crimes . However behind these two words enormous work is covered: reception of references, poll of all possible witnesses, search of proofs and the criminal, its detention, and in case of theft or a robbery - also return of property which during investigation has time to pass through some hands. And still there is a heavy routine work on filling of uncountable documents, data cards, reports... With all this volume of affairs for standard 8 working hours it is impossible to consult. Therefore day of work in a criminal investigation department nenormirovannyj.  


- Happens, you leave for work in 8 mornings, and you come back home with morning of next day, - Alexey Jurevich tells. - Sometimes it is necessary to spend on work till some days successively. All depends on a concrete crime.

Days off at operov - too concept relative. No, they, of course, happen, but is far not every week.

Add to the described picture also rigid frameworks of the law in which it is necessary to operate to police officers: it is necessary to verify each step, to think of each word and gesture.

There are complexities and in the process of disclosing of crimes. They are connected and with search of witnesses which frequently at all do not wish to communicate with militia or are afraid to give evidences, and also with an identification of the criminal, especially if nobody knows it, or eyewitnesses know one only a name. Here such quality, as intuition very can be useful. As proof the senior representative of a criminal investigation department October ROVD Stavropol remembers one of last cases. In one of house apartments in the street Station have found out the killed man. Who has killed, when has killed, for what - all it first remains a riddle, after all witnesses of this crime have not appeared. And only the sixth sense has helped Alexey Bunin to find a trace of the criminal. Next days the malefactor - the former lodger of the man who have killed the owner after quarrel, gave grateful evidences.  


Well and how after all it it is possible to love such work? - You ask. As no means always militiamen hear thanksgiving words in reply to the diligence. Nevertheless, employees of a criminal investigation department about the choice not only do not feel sorry, but would not exchange the trade for any civil work. Moreover, for many militian epaulets became realisation of children`s dream. There was such dream and at Alexey Bunin. To it with its surname in creativity to move, and it, having seen enough heroic films from life of police officers and having lived side by side with the neighbour - the militiaman, in the childhood it is firm for itself has solved - when will grow, will minister, and in criminal investigation department.

In 21 year Alexey`s dream has come true. In 2001 it was arranged to work as the militiaman in patrol - sentry duty - at first in a battalion, then translated in Industrial region PPS of Stavropol. Then Bunin`s duties included work on public order prompting in a city - patrol of streets, detention of drunkards, brawlers and other immoral persons. And only a year or two from now was engaged in serious criminal cases already in quality operupolnomochennogo criminal investigation department OVD of October area of Stavropol.

For 8 years of work never Alexey Jurevich was discouraged in the chosen trade. With firmness to transfer complexities and to overcome obstacles it have accustomed in army, and he has got used for a long time already to misunderstanding of the importance of its trade. The main thing, he knows that all does correctly, and its most close people know about it.  


Several years ago the October area with its private sector and microdistrict Tashla was considered very restless and kriminogennym as area of Stavropol. Now, on the contrary, many townsmen buy habitation here to take pleasure in peace and measured life.

On the average employees of criminal investigation department OVD of October area open on 2 - 3 crimes in a week.