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Dynasties of a fighting brotherhood

So it was moved that fighters enter into all flashpoints the first in black berets - militia elite, a special group. The service in numbers OMON is an original school of life where you learn to respond not only for yourself, but also for companions. Frequently victory depends not so much on preparation and arms, how much from degree of trust of fighters each other. a fighting brotherhood - so the militiamen ministering in the Stavropol OMON name. And the main force of this brotherhood - continuity of generations. In the ranks of group the father and son Alkatsevy minister, to Karagodiny, Kovalchuk, brothers Evgenie and Dmitry Kuchur, Denis and Sergey Surnevy, Gennady and Sergey Trunovy.    


Leonid Vasilevich Kovalchuk - one of the oldest employees of the Stavropol special group. It has come to minister to militia in 1972. By then the future militiaman has served in army, worked at factory. Therefrom the Komsomol has directed Leonid Vasilevicha to strengthen militia numbers. Began the work in Stavropol gorotdele (then yet there was no division on areas), has served there four years, then it was translated in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. Leonid Kovalchuk has worked in passport department, in a call centre, and therefrom has already come to OMON. Then to it 45 years were executed.

- In half a year I have gone to the Chechen Republic when the first company there has begun, - Leonid Vasilevich remembers. - I was in a rank of the major, and with me there were absolutely young not skilled children. Then I have understood that all my knowledge, experience are necessary just that these boys have come back home the live.

On a broader scale, in this republic Leonid Kovalchuk does not like to remember business trips. Says that it would not be better than this war. After all the person who participated in operations, even in peace conditions already absolutely on - to another feels all and worries.  

- Before these events I was fond of fishing, hunting, - he speaks. - and after service in the Chechen Republic I take simple I can not in hands the weapon.  

In the Stavropol OMON Leonid Kovalchuk has served five years then has left on the merited rest. For service in the Chechen Republic it is awarded the order Courage, has awards for faultless service, a rank of the veteran of work. However completely to depart from affairs it is impossible - does not release the fighting brotherhood, all thoughts are connected with it. Then have decided to organise in group the veteran organisation, and its Leonid Kovalchuk has headed. Fighters of OMON retire early, in 50 years, the majority of them - strong men, with a service wide experience. Their problem - to pass the skills and knowledge to young fighters.

- In militia I have served 28 years, but the best years have passed here, in OMON, - Kovalchuk is assured. - here all the friend for the friend, is the accurate purpose, you know that thy work - to protect people. The service in group - for the real man who wishes to minister to the people to minister to Fatherland. But the most important thing in life of the militiaman - reliable back. Without the family, without the patient loving spouse I have reached nothing. Thanks it for it.  


in group has occupied Leonid Kovalchuka`s Place his son Vladimir. In the Stavropol OMON it has served to the major. For these years there was all - both dangerous business trips, and order protection, and silent working everyday life. About the chosen way does not feel sorry, simply there is no time, interesting, nasyshennaja work every day waits.

-   Today it is possible to hear, it is a lot of negative about militiamen, - Vladimir speaks. - but many citizens forget that police officers including a special group, give the lives for the sake of calmness and the world of people. That, besides some unfair employees thinking only about a profit, real heroes here minister, which substitute itself under bullets to stop a misfortune that it has not rushed in   a city, in edge. The OMON is present school of life where learn to courage and mutual assistance, learn to think in fight of companions, learn to substitute to the friend a shoulder a difficult minute, to cover a back, let even risking own life.