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In Kislovodsk Aniskin

... The man with a picture napereves hurried on bruschatoj a roadway away from a white colonnade of resort park. Still the pair of steps, and it will get lost in motley crowd of passers-by. But here one of zazevavshihsja artists has found out loss. The divisional has reacted to its shout by instant and, having noticed the getting away thief with a trophy, has rushed trace. Has caught up. Has detained. Has called police squad... Sitting down in militian bobik, the skilled thief was perplexed, how he was alone detained by the militiaman in letah. However for lieutenant colonel Peter Kejhlana - Kislovodsk Aniskina - to catch criminals business habitual.

On service in Kislovodsk OVD Peter Kejhlan has come in 70 - h right after armies - in a direction of the Komsomol organisation. Began the militiaman on point duty, then two years has worked in criminal investigation department (investigated pocket thefts) and has left in the local.

- In this time (34 years) at me were 3 administrative sites, but on one of them I worked where - those 28 years, - the militiaman with the experience lieutenant colonel Peter Kejhlan remembers. Is there was a most densely occupied disctrict of the city - entirely high-rise buildings. I then have bypassed literally each apartment - got acquainted with the population.

Soon its site daily patrolled to 40 combatants, and in each court yard Kislovodsk Aniskina had eyes and ears - local grandmothers - pensioners are not worse than any militiaman kept order in the house and an entrance. The result has not kept itself waiting long - on a site of Kejhlana the quantity of thefts and disorders has decreased.

With disintegration of the USSR teams, quarter committees and even not indifferent townspeople have died. However the site of Kislovodsk Aniskina remained among the most safe. The success secret is simple - Peter Kejhlan, as well as it is necessary to the good divisional, knows about the wards not only FIO and the address, but the stamp of a car, names of children and even a nickname of a favourite dog. And people, seeing that the divisional at them not for a tick, and with our whole heart for them radeet, appreciate and respect lieutenant colonel Kejhlana.  


When Olga with Nikita married, the girl and could not think that the husband will appear the boozer. But the guy began to be put to a bottle, shirked work, and then and the beginnings at all of a thing from the house to drag. Olga cried. Complained mothers, that only made a helpless gesture. Have decided to try a last resort - have asked to help the divisional.

- At times conversation as - that stabilises the person, - Peter Kejhlan shares secrets. - I then have invited the guy to myself, talked, convinced - it is necessary to be here still the psychologist that with the person to talk and translate it to the party, to prove to it that it where - that is not right, has stumbled, but it is possible to settle and live all normally.

Kislovodsk Aniskin talked To Nikita not once while the guy at last has not thought again. When the young family has again begun to live happily, Peter Kejhlan the first for them was glad.

Today the few are glad to the divisional who has appeared on a threshold. And when three years ago Peter Kejhlan has replaced a site, it had to build mutual relations anew. Soon almost 2000 inhabitants of Kislovodsk area Shanghai (so the lieutenant colonel names city centre where practically pretty often shabby wooden fire-dangerous small houses - the Bus) Began to learn Aniskina in the street and validly to be converted to it by name - to a patronymic. However the main output of work of the divisional - criminality low level on a site: neither stealings, nor room thefts, grave crimes. For a year only one serious crime - at the woman in the street have pulled out a handbag. And that was, as militiamen, stray the tramp have found out.

But all has a price. The family of Kislovodsk Aniskina has reconciled for a long time already that at it nenormirovannyj the working day. Peter Kejhlan leaves on service early in the morning and comes back zatemno. The day off only one, and feasts for it the same everyday life. By the way, experience in search to the lieutenant colonel only on a hand. The divisional feels pickpockets far off. Couple of years back, once again having remembered the stay in criminal investigation department, Kejhlan for a year has detained in the market of 6 pilferers with polichnym. And their divisional not in the citizen, and in shape took!

- What secrets? Has noticed the pickpocket, you remove a peak-cap, you hide behind backs of the population and you detain. It is just necessary to be attentive. And work of the divisional heavy and dangerous, but interesting. Constant dialogue with the population, all time in movement. Now at me 4 more divisionals in submission - and are the big responsibility. But my service is pleasant to me.

Agree, when you know that at you in area the order is watched here by such modern Aniskin, on a shower at once is quieter.