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Free prices two weeks have struck on buyers of pampers and beer

Already almost the Belarus shops, and also suppliers of the import goods can independently solve, for how much to sell the goods. We will remind, since October, 29th the decision about free prices has started to operate. Many experts and even government officials were afraid that from - for it the prices can fly up sharply upwards. We have decided to carry out small monitoring and to look, as the prices have changed lately.

HAS risen in price


Diapers have added in the price on the average on 5 - 10 %. If earlier for the big packing (70 pieces) parents of the kid gave 71 - 72 thousand roubles now it is necessary to pay almost 74 thousand. Rise in prices has occurred to November, 1st. Sellers say that diapers of the risen in price stamp to us are delivered only by one firm so to reserve the goods at lower price simply there is no possibility.


If still one month ago in shops though and hardly, but nevertheless it was possible to find the Italian, Chilean or Argentina wines around 25 thousand roubles, now the lowest price 28 - 29 thousand roubles for a bottle. The most part of wines of this segment is on sale on 30 - 35 thousand roubles. However, suppliers say that matter is not that the prices have released on freedom, and that at transatlantic manufacturers production cost has raised.

- It is said that alcohol from - for decisions about free prices will rise in price one of the first supposedly quotas (the resolved volume of import) are till the end of the year chosen? - We have taken an interest at one firm - the importer.

- Quotas are not chosen. Simply already all firms - suppliers have made orders in the volume resolved by it, - experts have explained. - gradually the goods are delivered and shipped to shops. No deficiency will exist. Wines, cognacs and Vermouths will not be gone. And the considerable rise in prices will not be. At us and so not cheap alcohol. The litre of same Italian Vermouth costs about 55 thousand roubles!

the prices for beer have on the sly started to grow. While only on the foreign. Sellers say that it is new deliveries.

- In one of capital hypermarkets one of the Russian grades of beer in a tin cost on October, 28th 1900 roubles, and on October, 31st the price list was already 2300, - our reader has told.


price list Increase were noticed by buyers in the Internet - shops.

- I am Literally last week looked the prices for CD - ROM for the stationary computer, have decided to wait. And on November, 1st has looked again - and it has appeared that the same CD - ROM on the same site costs for 15 dollars more expensively. Now I feel sorry that has not bought, - the reader " has told;

And it is valid, the prices for computers and spare parts to them really gradually have spread upwards. For example, old models netbukov Acer Aspire One have risen in price even, which else recently cost 225 - 235 c.u.; now they are offered at the price from 260 c.u.

by Experts in technics sale say that the prices for this group of the goods always grow to New Year`s and to christmas-tide a little. Well and now and at all nobody constrains them.

THAT HAS fallen in price


Free prices have allowed sellers to spend more actions and sales. For example, in one of capital shops till the end of the year on 15 % (the price has decreased where - that on 1000 roubles) will operate a discount for one kind of the Belarus sparkling wines.


- Chocolates with pomadno - a creamy stuffing were on sale on 1110 - 1120 roubles for a piece, and now on 1060 roubles earlier. A trifle, and it is pleasant, - the visitor of a site At us in egg shop speaks still cost 2800, and now - 2300, - the reader from Puhovichsky area has shared supervision.

However, the visitor of one of capital shops has noticed that earlier the cheapest eggs were 2950 roubles, and now only on 3500.

there is a QUESTION

Why free prices have not gone downwards?

the Most important argument in favour of the document on cancellation of a ceiling for trading extra charges which are established by sellers and importers, was what to pay for purchases we begin more cheaply. But global sales while it has not been noticed in the Belarus shops.

- the competition will be the Main condition for reduction of prices always, - has once again reminded the main economic law expert Leonid Zlotnikov. - for example that the prices for the Belarus goods decreased, it is necessary to deliver more import. It is cheaper, and our manufacturers will need to do nothing how to reduce costs, to search for new technologies and to make the goods more cheaply. And at us import of some goods is limited by the quotas, any goods deliver only a few, and even at all one, the supplier.