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Viktyuk itself goes on performances a hare and others spends bypassing cash desk

Festival has surprised the Yaroslavl admirers of theatre with rather vanguard perusal of classics. There was no almost any performance in traditional statement. Even the Vahtangovsky theatre has shown Chekhovian Uncle Vanju in original giving of Baltic director Rimasa Tuminasa.

- the Spectator should not sleep in a hall, - explains Tuminas. - the Actor should excite!
to excite Tuminas tries by means of grotesque. All heroes look and express is elaborate, incorrect, sometimes on the verge of a hysterics. The unique natural character - uncle Vanja Sergey Makovetsky. The cat`s plasticity, the normal, Chekhovian intonations, any interesting details - here it shakes off a tie, catches the skipped away braces, even solicits the young mistress intelligent, akkuratnenko - on a leg irons, as if an Ancient Greek statue or a crystal vase, say, it is so good that it seems absolutely alien in this farce.

Remarkable actors Lyudmila Maksakov (mother of uncle Vani) and Vladimir Simonov (professor) at all were not confused with their comical enough characters.

- the Actor on a scene should create easily so that evening of the house not to complain of weariness, - Rimas has summed up.

Absolutely other impression remains from a meeting with Roman Viktuk. At the scandalous director all idiots and fools including he. For example, he has reproached the same Lyudmila Maksakov that unduly tries to look younger, and has not failed to compare thus to Cleopatra (the actress has arrived to Yaroslavl in a black wig) . Thus itself has been dressed simply with igolochki.

- Such here you will not buy, not cheap, - he has bragged, showing on the jacket and a scarf. Both black colours and the uncertain form.

Roman Viktuk has rushed in Volkovsky the present whirlwind from love, tenderness and laughter. Tried to make advances to students, winked and pulled faces, and one young man even has invited to the performance to Moscow, in detail having explained, where it will be necessary to approach.
he has devoted the first 20 minutes of a meeting to the pupil Igor Selinu who has put at theatre of Volkova Griboedov`s play the Grief from mind . The young director has moved the heroes in the present and has added show elements - to it and has called delight of the teacher.

At festival there was no almost any performance in traditional statement. Even the Vahtangovsky theatre has shown Chekhovian Uncle Vanju in original giving of Baltic director Rimasa Tuminasa.

- He is a clear head, only here paternal has not changed clothes of characters?! - Advised Roman Grigorevich. - it would be more interesting, if at first they have appeared in the suits corresponding to our epoch, and then - in ancient!

Viktyuk was confused with that the director did not begin to adhere to Griboedov`s play literally.

- the Theatrical art is not text retelling, and its reconsideration by a modern aesthetics, - he has told. - performance should blow up, a whirlwind to create.

But the most important thing that gives an impulse to art, according to the director, is a love, and without it any director`s attempts are senseless.

- Except madness of love, nothing has values! - he considers. - there should be an energy of tenderness, love. If it is not present, also products are not present.

to Students Roman Viktuk with pleasure poisoned bajki how communicated with great actresses Belief Maretsky and Fainoj Ranevskaya.

- Ranevskaya in itself was theatre, and of it the participant have made! - he was indignant. Also has there and then remembered a case, from which simply tears on eyes navorachivajutsja.

- Ranevskaya, Fufa as it named at theatre of a name of the Moscow Council, should go on tour to France. There a vein its sister. But it has appeared that that performance in which Ranevskaya is occupied goes only and is not occupied Maretsky. Fufa so was frightened of anger Maretsky that has gone and has refused tours, has told that lays down in hospital. At theatre all have understood. Very defenceless there was a person.

and the master has not failed to remember the young actress to Anna Kovalchuk.

- I was at competition any, in jury, - he has told. - this girl was one of nominees on something. I was surprised! At it an eye empty, serial! I have approached to it, I ask: the Girl, what for it is necessary for you? . And she speaks: Popularity will lift . How it is possible to play with such eyes? Horror!

the meeting with Viktyuk with a laughter and the autograph - session Has come to the end. Resourceful students palmed off for a list on the charming director zachetki. Viktyuk has refused to nobody.