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Mironov Sergey Mihajlovich, the Chairman of the council of Federation of Federal meeting of the Russian Federation, the Party leader « Fair Russia »: Apropos stories from

His life, its work - a convincing example of how even in the difficult circumstances the person can realise the creative abilities. Thanks . Telling about such people, the newspaper gives a support to very many invalids.

But me it is sick rezanula the first line of the story about Moskvin: to Ivan Vladimirovichu of 38 years. He has a serious illness since the childhood and does not leave the house .

Of what Ivan Moskvin was guilty, what him have doomed in essence to house arrest? Not illness, it is assured, has doomed. And absence of conditions to feel comfortable outside of apartment. Special lifts, ramps, lifts in public transport - alas, all it for the Russian cities an exception, instead of a rule.

Diplomas for participation in competitions it is remarkable. But would be even more remarkable, if the invalid himself could reach a place where to it such diploma will solemnly hand over easily.