Rus News Journal

To four hours per a stopper listened by radio as it is good in Perm have cleaned roads

Has looked out yesterday in the morning in a window and has thought: Well to leave the house car .

Yes I only live on east suburb of a city. Houses there have constructed, and public transport have not held on. To the nearest stop - 30 minutes on foot.

it is safe (thanks the yard keeper) having taxied from a court yard, I leave on road... Well you know, that to tell: all are hardly dragged, manoeuvring and trying to get to a track. At the first traffic light the automobile procession fades, in five minutes rises definitively. A stopper... Indeed, ahead failure. Four foreign cars vpechatalis each other.

we Creep further. On road has counted three more small road accidents. About is not present! Again a jam...

I Approach from the Revolt area on a hill in the street Ural and I feel, how hands grow cold. Cars and buses, trying to scramble upward, grind and do not go. Even on the heaped most up thorns. Hardly the driver on gases - a car starts to twist and bring aside. Again we stand, having buried during snow on half-wheels.

Nervously glancing at hours, I include radio...

- From - for a strong snowfall movement is complicated on all central highways of a city, - broadcasts a vigorous voice of the leader. - the traffic police warns drivers: observe a high-speed mode.

Yes what on figs a high-speed mode! We are dragged as pregnant behemoths. Is better roads would clean.

And here as by request...

- On cleaning of streets all special equipment is involved. Dorozhniki left on cleaning even at night.

at Night? I in eight mornings have left: white snowdrifts are not touched, and on road for four (!) hours of my snow travel has met one and only (!) Tractor groaning by all caterpillars.

Already approaching on work, I listen to last message:

- Drivers are recommended not to use today personal motor transport. The snowfall will last about one tomorrow...