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In hospitals patients with a pneumonia

Yesterday the new statistics of Ministry of Health about quantity of the diseased continue to arrive was not.

- Speak, at you some persons die of a pneumonia in day?

- It`s not true, - have responded us in administration 9 - j the Minsk clinical hospital and have refused comments.

- For target to us 15 children with a pneumonia, with ORVI - 44 have arrived. One child now in resuscitation, - has told zamglavvracha children`s infectious hospital of Minsk Tamara Lisitsky. - basically at children a pneumonia of average weight. Children arrive to us on the third - the fifth days of disease. But level of disease of a pneumonia remained with us at former level.

- With a pneumonia at us patients lie, but their quantity has not grown in comparison with last week, - speaks zamglavracha 4 - j children`s hospital Larissa Zajtseva. - On the average daily we hospitalise 6 - 7 persons with a pneumonia. For Friday and a past week-end with a pneumonia 12 persons have arrived. But children at us are treated both with SHOUT, and with a bronchitis.

In city clinical hospital of Grodno have confirmed: people arrives much.

- Time now seasonal. The pulmonology branch is occupied.

Yesterday in the morning in the Central city hospital of Brest in branch of pulmonology with a pneumonia 65 persons lay.

- For evening of Friday and days off to us 20 persons with a pneumonia have arrived, - tells medical staff. - the quantity arriving with a pneumonia has not decreased.