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The former dining room of the Samara state district power station a history monument was not?

disputes concerning a building of the former table Samara state district power station do not cease. We will remind that have taken down this construction

on October, 20th. A number of representatives of the public has acted with condemnation of this action. The reason in the following: in a dining room building, in their opinion, in days of existence of system a Gulag the Kuibyshev transit prison settled down. There in due time   known writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn served time. Construction followed save as one of the major monuments of history.

on November, 5th the regional Ministry of culture on a press - conferences has published the new information on this question. According to documents of Federal Agency of the state check in, a cadastre and cartography the building of the former table state district power station was not transit prison. The building is constructed in 1956 so Alexander Solzhenitsyn and others subjected to repression sit in it could not.

However according to the documents presented by the Samara state district power station, a certain building on this place has been constructed in 1940. With 1943 for 1956 in it conducted inventory, then it have reconstructed in a dining room. This data has called weight of disputes.   a leah is the proof of what Solzhenitsyn nevertheless could visit a building?

- it is quite possible that on a place of the former dining room there was any office building of the former Kuibyshev transit prison, - Alexander Aksarin, the main adviser legal - personnel maintenance and protection of objects of cultural value of the Ministry of culture of the Samara region has declared. - however then it have reconstructed under absolutely other purposes. Buildings in which the writer pined in the conclusion, by the time of dining room start-up in operation any more were not.   I think that the Samara regional specialists should conduct researches and precisely find out, leah Solzhenitsyn happened in these parts. If it proves to be true, there it is possible to put a memorial sign. The former dining room of the Samara state district power station a history monument was not. So, and its pulling down was quite lawful.