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In Ufa wrote down in fans Salavat Yulaev also were photographed with a champion cup

Grandiose action under the name Day of hockey in Ufa all - taki has taken place! In - the first, as well as it was promised, to Ufa at last - that was welcomed by the Cup of world champions. In - the second, fans were waited by one more surprise - nearby flaunted not less expensive to heart julaevskogo the fan a trophy - the Cup of champions of Russia, which Salavat Yulaev has won in gold for itself a season 2007/ 08 Thus, any interested person could touch and be embodied for memory at once with two trophies!

as the leader of all action has acted the reporter of TV channel Sports Natalia Clark. As it has appeared, with Ufa Natasha is connected by special relations: in Bashkiria there lives its grandmother, therefore it with pleasure comes here. Besides, Clark is in friendly relations with a trainer`s staff of a national team, therefore on the offer to carry out action has responded at once.

the Master - a class for kids Vladimir Antipov
has given the Photo: Valery of SHAHS
- Now having rummaged in championship KHL, but Ufa continues to live hockey and it is simply healthy! - Natalia Clark speaks. - I can tell that few regions can suit to fans such feast!

the Future hockey players attentively listened to each word
the Photo: Valery of SHAHS
JUlaevtsy have spent two master - a class

the First in the program appeared the master - classes: the first julaevtsy Have spent for pupils of the detsko - the youthful school, the second - for young torosovtsev . By the way, children then admitted what to be engaged with hockey players in it it was pleasant even more than with own trainers!

- Such actions need to be spent as it is possible is more often! - defender Andrey Kutejkin is assured. - I Think that to children it was very pleasant - all of them tried to prove before us as it is possible is better. We will hope that it becomes for them the real stimulus!

Julaevtsy have lost to the to younger brothers - to the Hummock from Neftekamsk
the Photo: Valery of SHAHS
Separately it is necessary to note and goalkeeper Alexander Eremenko, which despite not finished the cure trauma, all - taki left on ice to drive with children. Erema the favourite of all fans, simply could not deceive to expectation of boys, after all the big half of children waited for it. Sasha has shared with them secrets of skill and has told about several firm exercises.

We did not begin to miss possibility and have taken an interest at Alexander when we can see it on ice.

- Through I want to thank all who for me is stirred and worries, - tells Sasha Eremenko. - Certainly, it would be desirable to recover faster - I am now restored, I pass many procedures, but it is such trauma on which time is just necessary. It like simple, but unpleasant enough - I not that what to fulfil professional movements - even is elementary to kneel I can not yet. Together with a trainer`s staff hoped that I can already play in this break, but, on - visible, it will occur hardly later.

The inveterate fan
the Photo: Valery of SHAHS
In the end the master - a class a series bullitov in which try the forces has taken place could not only hockey players, but also fans. To hammer to both goalkeepers: both it was possible to Michael Tupikovu and Vitaly Kolesniku only to one participant - to Cyril who has received as a gift firm julaevskuju a cap from hands of Kolesnika. On a question, a leah really the throw was so well or it all - taki has a little given in, Vitaly Kolesnik has smiled and has responded evasively supposedly has hammered and has hammered - that here to speak! And then admitted that when itself started to play hockey in Ust - Kamenogorske about similar the master - classes simply and could not dream. Though if there was such possibility - with pleasure was trained at Vladislav Tretjaka.

- For me it if not a substitute, that, at least the person on whom it would be desirable to equal - Vitaly speaks.

Vladimir Antipovu was assisted by Kolesnik

To affliction of the fans, planned the autograph - and photosession with julaevtsami from - for flu epidemics it was necessary to cancel. Though on the other hand, and other entertainments on arena was enough. So, any girl could test in quality cherlidera (support group - red.) . Pretenders checked that is called, at once in business: handed over pompons and suggested to get public in sectors. The turn was built and at a little table where wrote down in the fan - sector julaevtsev . An indispensable condition: knowledge by heart all julaevskih krichalok. It watched especially strictly.

Besides, on Ufa - arena dancing collectives all the day worked, every possible competitions with memorable prizes for fans were held.

And still all gathered were entertained at once by two martens: a new talisman of club which known Salavatik who entertained public some years successively has appeared in this season and all. As it has appeared, such reunion became possible only thanks to a feast! Salavatik to which had to arrange the real photosession with fans, admitted that feels terrible nostalgia and be its will - again with pleasure would entertain public on each game!

the feast with a companionable duel " Has come to the end; Salavat Yulaev and the Hummock in which have more strongly appeared neftekamtsy - 4:3. Gathered could see and Ilya Zubova who has recruited ranks julaevtsev rather recently. For ufimtsev it will spend the first official match only this Thursday against Chelyabinsk the Tractor but in this companionable duel of Teeth to cause a stir already was in time, having given a goal pass to Igor Grigorenko. By the way, the third washer in gate the Hummock Vladimir Antipov has hammered after transfer of goalkeeper Vitaly Kolesnika. We will hope that with such productivity of Kolesnik will please us and in a season.

After game the promised series bullitov - the trainer and a management " has taken place also; Salavat and the Hummock having changed clothes in firm vests of commands, competed performed by penal throws. Two could cause a stir only: the trainer julaevtsev Venus Safin and general manager Oleg Gross. Though it seemed to all that Oleg Iaganesovich all - taki has used cunning - before execution bullita has approached and about something was whispered with the goalkeeper then the washer has appeared straight in collars.

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