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Dmitry Haratjan: Offend the actor everyone can

On Sunday, on November, 8th,   at opera theatre gave tour statement People and mice on Steinbeck. This time to spectators has had the luck to watch a drama to the end. Without excesses. Not as in June 2005 - go when performance under the same play have broken on the middle - the shot on an action course has poisoned public... Tear gas. Then said that actors for the sake of a joke have shot from a gas pistol of Michael Efremova playing George. However, neither Efremov, nor the troupe technical personnel in it did not admit and swore that all business in the rejected cartridges... The resonance at that case was all over the country.

in general, in 2005 - m voronezhtsy have not looked through performance. Also have this time come to learn, than taki the history of unlucky Lenni and George, dreaming of the farm with rabbits has ended. So in a hall there were no empty seats.

Before performance Has taken an interest at Alexander Balueva playing Lenni, a leah remembers it that ill-starred case with the broken performance.

- Certainly, I remember, how it can be forgotten! - Alexander has there and then reacted. - but about a pistol of Efremova, I think, it nevertheless bajki. Simply then the cartridge with factory marriage has got. After that case the weapon it is checked, that the similar has not occurred any more. Especially in Voronezh - on my sensations, it is very theatrical city. I here happen often to tours...

Alexander Baluev with pleasure posed for admirers. look a photo gallery
the Photo: Tatyana PODJABLONSKY

Crisis at cinema has not noticed

the Nice fellow Alexander was in lyrical mood. And in spite of the fact that hurried to a playtime, with pleasure it was photographed with admirers and has distributed autographs directly at an input in theatre - without paying attention to a penetrating wind.

- Alexander, in last arrival you touchingly told about the daughter - as went at us on shops, bought to its dresses and toys. She has already grown, than you pleases?

- Now Maruse six years (a daughter of Balueva call Anna - Maria - Red.). She fine draws, studies languages, she studies in other country - in Poland (Alexander`s wife - the Polish journalist - in Red.) . Has now gone in podgotovishku. Here that is bad - began see it seldom.

- At cinema does not act in film yet, how all children of actors?

- Is not present, what for it is necessary for it? To it still early - the child absolutely. There is Enough that the father acts in film.

- And by the way, at you now became shootings not less? Crisis has affected you?

- Absolutely has not affected in any way. On - to mine, it is any deceit. I on - former act in film. Here it is now occupied in 12 - a serial film the House on the bank of the big river . I Star - the person who collects the big family children`s home, brings strays of kiddies from all country. Olga Kabo plays my wife, still acts in film   Regina Mjannik. Will show a serial on the channel Russia . And still I will recommend to look at Vera Glagoleva`s full length movie One war . It only left on the big screen. It is history of six girls which are isolated on island in occupation. Who was raped by Germans who has of own will given birth from them to the child... I in a film have played the commandant of island.

- Now almost all actors have moved to skate. To you did not offer?

- Me invited, and not only on ice, but also in the King of a mount and on a ring with stars, now weight of any inventions on TV. But I on them do not go - to me it is uninteresting. I do not understand, what for all these shows? I not the showman. Though I am good both on skis I go for a drive and on the fads too.

- Still I have noticed that to you yellow gossips do not stick.

- Probably to eat more interesting characters, than I. Though and about me everyone thought out, for example, that I the homosexual. And it as - that... Guards. And on a broader scale that only do not tell...

From game of Haratjana impressionable Voronezh spectators remained in delight. look a photo gallery
the Photo: Andrey of OLD OAKS.

Anything cheerful in me is not present!

Instead of Michael Efremova this time George`s role has arrived to play Dmitry Haratjan. As in our city of Haratjan the rare visitor (for last five - six years Dmitry in Voronezh with tours was not) theatre-goers were delighted. And it is no wonder that in Dmitry`s ending grateful spectators have filled up with colours.

Some fans who have not managed from - for the absolute notice to buy tickets for performance, watched for the actor before the beginning at an office input of theatre - in hope at least to take the substitute autograph. However, Dmitry so hurried up that did not begin to stop. And before performance it was gloomy enough, probably, it was adjusted for a role.

- The matter is that I on a broader scale try to be less in a society, on public, in people. Very much I do not like to go to the people because it is unpredictable, - has explained the position Dmitry. -   I mean not spectators, public, namely the people. Because not all validly concern you, someone tries to communicate familiarly. And actors - the people fragile, vulnerable, sensitive, with the thin mental organisation. And any word can wound the actor for many long years! And not to get to such situations, I avoid dialogue with the people in the street or in a life.  

- At you always such smiling image... - we a compliment up have tried to cheer the actor.

- Not always, - has there and then interrupted Haratjan. - Anything similar. This error and a stereotype - anything smiling in me is not present! Probably, it seems from - for my roles. And actually I the live person with live reactions. And if something is not pleasant to me or irritates me - I do not smile. Though, of course, I try to correspond to decency rules.

I not the prince on a white game!

- you are flattered by a rank sex - a symbol?

- very much! - with irony Dmitry has noticed. - as it is possible to concern it seriously? And where you it took? As - that is not known to me about such ratings. But if so it is the big responsibility before huge female audience. But I think, women simply confuse a romantic image of my heroes to me. Probably, the type of the man with such external data is for any part of ladies a certain symbol the prince on a white game . But to me as to the person it is exactly any relation has no! Simply so has developed that in my film career many romantic roles. And if such type of the person is pleasant to the majority - probably, it is necessary. But I do not carry it to myself, it not my qualities, and qualities of my heroes.

- you in life use the popularity? The person helps to open doors?

- it is the Extremely rare. In the decision of household problems where my popularity can help, now all solves quantity of money, instead of communications. Yes I also did not use it never. For the friends familiar that have put phone, have solved household problems - yes. Here by the way,   has helped Vane Okhlobystin ( middle age Crisis 8 with 1/ 2 dollars Down - a house Mum, do not grieve the Bullet - the silly woman - Red.) To marry his wife Oksana. It did not know in the Griboedovsky registry office, and me knew. And me have asked: you Can arrange, that have painted for one day? well certainly, I   has agreed - business - that noble. Here so my popularity has helped. And   at level of militiamen - to them simply you smile also all. Though too on the person depends. Directly I did not use the popularity.

- to you next year 50 years though to you and you will not give are executed. A certain mark in life. You for yourselves bring any internal results: what consider as the main achievements?

- the Birth of children. At this stage for me well-being of my family, health of my relatives, native and friends, than an open-cast mine is more important.

- middle age Crisis have tested on itself? What helped to overcome?

- Was. As at the majority of men. Age crisis is actually revaluation of values when the person analyzes that has had time to make by this time. And to meet this crisis the establishment of the new purposes, problems, the plans, new reference points has helped.

- Where now act in film?

- I Finish shootings in two pictures. A serial Belief. Hope. Love - the family saga, country history through family history. During the period since May, 9th 45 - go year and till present time peripetias of life of several generations of one family are considered. I play the family head - surgeon Victor Stroev, such Soviet doctor Zhivago. I play it from 30 - summer age till 83 years. The film will be four-serial, leaves by May, 9th of next year... The second work - the Goldfish in city N . It is a film - the parable, a fairy tale in a new way where I play American John who has arrived to buy a pond where there lives this goldfish. My wife Marina Majko plays the selling, corrupted official whom my hero wants to bribe. It still possesses gift of the simulator and, using it, is going to ask for a goldfish everything that wants.

- Why Marina seldom acts in film (Marina Majko played films New Odeon the Groom from Miami Secrets of palace revolutions Lera the Sand rain - Red.) ?

- Because it is not its trade. And I do not suit it anywhere, using the communications. We do not have on a broader scale such. To the contrary, sometimes directors suggest it to act in film, hoping that thereby they will receive as the executor also me. But it does not work, because for Marina akterstvo not an essence, and is faster than a hobby.

we Give thanks for the help in the interview organisation to the Voronezh tour agency.


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