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To epidemic of a pork flu in Samara still it is far

Petersburg Institute of a flu yet has not sent results of analyses which have sent from regional capital last week. That is for today of a pork flu in Samara officially is not present. For today it is known about five cases of suspicion on a pork flu: 3 are fixed by Rospotrebnadzorom, 2 - public health services municipal government. From them two suspicions officially have not proved to be true any more, 3 while are on studying in Peter. New cases of suspicion on a pork flu are not present for today.

Rospotrebnadzor monitorit a situation on a pork flu in three directions:

1. If at the patient with signs ORVI disease proceeds too hard.

2. If 3 and more workers of collective have visited contact with suspicious the patient.

3. If ill ORVI the person has arrived from not safe areas on a pork flu.

Today in 5 regions Russian Federations have started to do inoculations from a pork flu. When the turn will reach Samara, is not clear yet.   most likely, in December. Rospotrebnadzor says that will free of charge impart workers of public health services and social services, public transport, energetikov, gas-men, water-transport workers, state managers, employees of children`s educational institutions, children visiting preschool and educational institutions, pupils of average special establishments, students of high schools, the workers occupied in trade and public catering, workers of municipal sphere of service, persons is more senior 65 years. Probably, the list will be expanded. The rests for a vaccine should pay. The price will depend on the manufacturer, it is expected from 200 to 500 roubles.


Between an inoculation from a seasonal and pork flu should pass month.  

Immunity after an inoculation comes in 14 days, it short-term (6 - 12 months).

Efficiency of vaccination - 70 - 98 %, at persons of advanced age - slightly more low. At the majority of the persons who have received an inoculation against a flu, reactions is not registered. At a part of the imparted small morbidity in a place of introduction of a vaccine can be marked, body temperature above 37,5 sometimes raises With and etc. All these phenomena are short-term, disappear without treatment within three days.


618 319 persons, that is 19,5 % from a population aggregate number, are imparted from a seasonal flu for November, 6th. From them 134 300 children and 484 019 adults.  

And At this time

does not hurry while to attack samartsev a usual, seasonal flu. For the last week, from October, 26th till November, 1st, behind medical aid 5170 diseased that on 38,3 % below epidemiological level were converted.