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From - for a pork flu can cancel matches KHL

the Pork flu has reached and hockey. The defender " became the first victim; Salavat Yulaev and Russian national team Oleg Tverdovsky (number from November, 7th see). Illness has fallen down it in Finland where the main command of the country played frameworks of the second stage of Eurotour. We will remind, our team as a result has won the first place, and players have parted on the clubs. For that now to wait from an artful virus? We have asked to respond to this question of the head of medical centre KHL Nikolay Durmanova.
- Many are afraid that the players of a national team contacting with Tverdovsky, will carry a virus across all Russia and it becomes epidemic beginning...
- In - the first, at this virus the short incubatory period. If collections have picked up it, it should prove already. And in - the second, on ability to be passed from the person to the person the pork flu differs nothing from the ordinary. Not all to it react.
- As KHL is going to struggle with a new misfortune?
- We, as well as everything, watched that occurred in Europe, and assumed that it will not be possible to avoid a pandemic. Have studied experience of the countries with which the wave of a pork flu has covered before us, and have dispatched on clubs detailed instructions: what measures to accept for the preventive maintenance, what medicines are effective, what are not present... Seriously we think concerning universal vaccination of hockey players and club workers. At sportsmen, as it is known, from - for the big loadings immunity decreases, and they are in risk group. But concerning vaccination the league yet has not accepted the final decision.

- In France already cancelled football matches from - for a pork flu. A leah is possible cancellation of games KHL and the similar measure is how much effective?
- All is possible in this world. But business not only in efficiency, but also in technical possibility. If half of command gets to an infirmary how she can play? And if in a city where will take place a match, will fix disease flash hardly public health services bodies will greet carrying out of mass actions on which thousand people gather. It concerns also hockey matches. But our problems are florets. And here what headache expects organizers of the Olympic Games in Vancouver where will depart hundred thousand persons from the different ends of a planet!.
Goalkeepers - Vasily Koshechkin ( the Harmony ), George Gelashvili ( the Locomotive )
Defenders - Vitaly Vishnevsky, Alexander Guskov (both is the Locomotive ), Ilya Nikulin ( Ak the Leopard ), Vitaly Proshkin, Oleg Tverdovsky, Dmitry Kalinin (all - Salavat Yulaev ), Konstantin Korneyev (CSKA), Vitaly Atjushov ( the Metallurgist Mg)
Attacking - Danis Zaripov, Alexey Tereshchenko, Alexey Morozov (all - Ak the Leopard ) Oleg Saprykin ( the Dynamo ), Sergey Zinovev, Alexander Radulov, Victor Kozlov, Alexander Perezhogin (all - Salavat Yulaev ), Sergey Mozjakin ( Atlant ), Anton Kurjanov ( Avant-guard ), Maxim Sushinsky (SKA), Alexander Galimov ( the Locomotive ), Peter Schastlivyj (CSKA)