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As I worked as the miller

to Grind a flour such flour...

We continue a series of articles devoted to bread. This time our correspondent was arranged to work on a mill to learn, how grain turns to a flour.

to Search for a mill for temporary job I have begun right after returnings with Krasnoyarsk fields where worked as the combine operator (about it I told in the previous release of magazine the Earth and people ) . It was necessary to work - that the mill was very far, a management to any did not go on contact. But at last - that necessary enterprise has been found, and we have gone in Divnogorsk where the mill and is.

the Enterprise is located in an industrial zone on city suburb. But to understand that it is a mill, it is possible at once. Under a canopy bags with a flour and the bran, covered with a polyethylene film lie, near wooden gate in shop grain is scattered. In cool morning air near flour-grinding shop smells as ground wheat.

Hardly I am going to be knocked at doors as the shop leaves the tired workers released from a night shift.

For 12 hours persistent, an arduous toil we namololi almost 300 bags of a flour, quantity for an ancient windmill inconceivable
the Photo: Maria Ananova

In shop men

- Hello work only, you to us to work? - The girl, the assistant of the director greets me and the photographer. - then pojdemte, change clothes. Otherwise then and mum native does not learn you.

To me give out the brand new complete set of clothes, in cellophane. In a locker room already men - workers of a mill with might and main change clothes. By the way, women here work only in accounts department and management. The labour shift begins since eight mornings and comes to an end in eight evenings. To the weaker sex such loading not under force.

- You to us to work? - Me one of them, the guy of years 25 straight off asks. - I Alexander, am possible simply Sanja. You from the newspaper, yes? Well we to you all will tell, what yes as here. Here a superior intelligence it is not necessary, all works, only know watch, yes bags substitute. We will go, I will lead excursion specially for you.

Sanja works on this mill the fourth year, sometimes, truth, leaves in hellbenders.

- Well happens, when absolutely will get, on a week to have a rest I leave, - my guide grins. - and you 6 days in a week for 12 hours try to stick. You will go nuts. Here sometimes also we relax. And we receive not so much. But how much, I will not tell, it is a trade secret.

From this point on my working day
the Photo also has begun: Maria Ananova

Before a grinding grain should rest in bed

Together with Sledge we go through shops, to the beginning of a chain, in a place where unload grain. In day it deliver tons on 30. Before an unloading the laboratorian comes, types a few wheat on test and leaves in laboratory. There grain grind on small melnichke, then sift and already after that check on quantity and quality klejkoviny on which quality of a flour depends. If it`s OK grain pour in the big concrete funnel with a narrow pipe at the very bottom on which it and gets on a tape of the conveyor which bears it in otsevochnuju the chamber.

- At first grain sift, any garbage, stones, a peel remain, - with skill explains me Sanja. - And grain goes on pipes on a sink. Here water from it any peel also forces down.

Near to the washing device there is a huge box - in it and the peel and other garbage is thrown out.

- At first grain sift
the Photo: Maria Ananova

After a sink grain goes further, to a dryer.

- all Dries here, - Sanja points a finger on big wooden a box, towering to a ceiling. - it is necessary that before a grinding grain has stood 12 hours. By the way, you know, what from fresh grain it is impossible to grind a flour at once? Before getting to us, it otlezhivaetsja 3 months.

- Is not present, - I am surprised. - me have told that grain fresh.

- E - e - e, the brother. It is impossible to grind a flour only from fresh, - Sanja artfully grins. - All becomes so: on a grinding bring the oldest grain of this crop ― what in August have collected. We stir it half-and-half with grain of last crop. Then and it is possible to grind. The flour too should rest in bed weeks two. Only then it is possible to bake bread from it.

the Following moment is and is actually peremolka grains. From boxes it on the conveyor appears in a crusher.

- You look, anywhere a hand do not put, - warns Sanja. - And that clever men suffice... More shortly, it is crushed in these crushers, their four further. At first in one, then in others. Before in bags to pour, the flour passes through a sieve, and then all gets enough sleep in bags. Here about these bags we also stand, when it is necessary, we close giving and bags we clean. Here you should do all it.

When the bag is sewn up, it needs to be carried on a warehouse
the Photo: Maria Ananova

Half-centner on shoulders

From this point on my working day also has begun. From three pipes the flour of the first, second grades and bran goes a constant stream. One of pipes have we from Sledge, occasionally kicking with a foot a bag that the flour laid down more densely.

- is shorter, look. - dexterous movements my workmate unhooks the filled bag with a flour from a pipe. - has removed, and at once put on scales. It is more than flour than 50 kgs, then otsypaesh, here kovshik. If less - you fill up from this bag.

Near to scales there is an open bag with a flour. There all is poured superfluous or, to the contrary, the lacking is scooped.

- Has weighed? - Alexander asks me. - Now remove, and sew up a bag.

Manually, fortunately, it is not necessary to do it. From above on a rope the special sewing machine hangs down. The cardboard label is put to a bag. The bag is sewn up literally with one movement. My first seam turns out curve and clumsy.

- Not bois, it`s OK, - calms me in Sanja. - At all at first clumsily leaves. On a flour we do not put beginners, on bran people train. In a month where - that on the second grade, and then and on the first.

When the bag is sewn up, it needs to be carried on a warehouse, about 150 tons of a flour, or 3 000 bags there are already stored. If the bag with bran weighs 25 kgs and he can be shouldered alone the bag with a flour is a half-centner, and on shoulders it shower already together.

- Look, I show, how it is necessary to take a bag, - workmate Alexander speaks. - we take it for edges, we lift, you are developed and podnyrivaesh under it. A back has charged and you bear on a warehouse.

the First bag was gave to me easily, I have carried it and have laid in a warehouse. But with each carried bag to shoulder to itself this hard burden all it became more difficult. And I from feet to a head have become covered by a flour layer.

- Yes, we here not a bast shoe sup a Russian cabbage soup, - the operator of a grinding (so we is called with it a post) Alexander grins. - anything, soon smoke break. otdyshishsja.

really difficult Work. We go out of doors, muzhiks light and are started up in conversations for life .

- Well and how to you our work? - Reach and me. - it is difficult? We till some years here plough. But work is always, bread - that all eat.

At clearing of 1 ton of grain of impurity it is eliminated about 30 kgs of a peel, stones and other garbage
the Photo: Maria Ananova

Mills Turkish, the operator - a Turk

Five minutes of a break to have a rest, obviously does not suffice. But me feel sorry, all go to shop, and to me hand over in hands a broom.

- you Will sweep while, a night shift, reptiles, have badly cleaned, - the operator and in combination the shiftman a Turk of Adnan Ilbaj catechizes me. - Then if interesting, I show to you, whence all system copes.

I have cleaned Garbage quickly, by rules to sweep shop it is necessary two times a day that there was no dust and mice were not got.

- All has cleaned? Well done - praises me Adnan. - We go, I will show the panel.

the Panel costs in the middle of shop, from it all and is regulated - speed of giving of grain, speed of the knifes which are splitting up grain. Inscriptions on the panel in English and more any not clear language.

- This mill Turkish, - responds at once to some my questions the operator. - therefore and I here work. The heads when the enterprise opened, have decided to take the foreign technics. It both is more reliable, and is more economic, and productivity above. The Russian analogue costs almost as much, and its indicators are worse. Therefore and I here to work have arrived.

Adnan has arrived to Russia some years ago, together with a mill. At first it supervised over its installation and adjustment, and then and remained in Krasnoyarsk.

- I remained, the wife have brought here, - he tells to me, shaking off a flour. - now the wife and children, at me their three, already citizens of Russia, I here in any way will not receive all. Soon I will go to Turkey papers to make out...

Result ― 300 bags of a flour for change

Change has slowly come to an end. For 12 hours persistent, an arduous toil we namololi almost 300 bags of a flour, quantity for an ancient windmill the inconceivable. Three hundred bags is on 75 bags on the person. Them it is necessary will charge a shoulder, to carry by metres 50, and then to lay on a huge stack of the same bags. For a day with a flour bag on shoulders muzhiks overcome almost 4 kilometres. And after all is also bran. While I thought and made calculations, on a warehouse the car from one of Krasnoyarsk bakeries has called in. And we have shipped one hundred more bags, having passed under cargo from tens kilometres on a four.

the Car has left, we have changed clothes also, have washed warm water from - under the crane and have gone on houses. Next day muscles awfully were ill me and joints as though me the dump-body truck has moved. Here so it has appeared what to grind a flour - such flour...



From one ton of pure grain it turns out:

- 750 kgs of a flour 1 - go grades (25 bags)

- 20 - 30 kgs of a flour 2 - go grades (it is less than 1 bag)

- 220 - 230 kgs of bran (9 bags)

Incarnatings of correspondents - Krasnoyarsk